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Colfax Health and Rehab – 6-22-2016

News for June 12th to the 18th 

A little birdie told us that sunflowers were once again planted in the field behind our facility. We look forward to watching their progress and waiting for the beautiful flowers to show their bright yellow hues.

Last year, people came from all around to see the sunflowers and many used them as a backdrop for family pictures. Thanks again to Marsha and Don Henderson for planting them for us to enjoy.

The Big Yellow House may have been wet on the outside with our Monday morning rain, but inside all were toasty warm. As we gathered for our morning news, devotions and reading group, our thoughts were on the terrible tragedy in Orlando, Florida. We said a prayer for all of the victims and their families. Several residents spent the afternoon playing Wheel of Fortune. They enjoy guessing the sayings that had to do with June. We love playing this game, and the best part is – everyone wins!

We celebrated Flag Day by decorating the facility with many patriotic decorations. Tuesday afternoon brought out the bingo lovers for an afternoon of number calling in the Square. Thanks to Michelle and Vonnie for helping us out. Before our supper meal, our traveling Happy Hour dispersed many of the residents’ favorite beverages.

Wednesday morning we were blessed to have Pastor Toufar from New Hope Lutheran Church in Sand Creek lead our weekly church service. Thank you to pastor for taking the time to share with us.  After church, some of the residents loaded up the van and headed to Irvine Park for a picnic lunch. We enjoyed watching the tigers play, but the bears were having a lazy day, and even ate while they were lying down. We returned in time to compete in the monthly bowling tournament. Besse Jackson came away with the traveling trophy, and Cathy and Barb came away with sore backs from picking up all the pins! After bowling, the residents and staff gathered in the Square for a surprise retirement party for Gloria Lake. She has been one of our favorite cooks for many years. We wish her the best on her retirement!

Thursday morning brought the residents to the East Dining Room, which we turned into a volleyball court. The competition was heated as the two teams passed the ball back and forth. Not only was it great fun, we definitely got our exercise too! Thursday afternoon was spent singing to our favorite tunes with Bev Ward as our karaoke specialist. We have so much fun when she comes to visit. It always amazes us, the hidden talent we have here.

Gospel Sing a Long started our Friday. We have a very special group of volunteers who make this time possible. Thank you to Glen, Delores and Julie and her gang for coming, sharing both in word, and song. Friday afternoon, Dime Bingo was played in the Square. It is always a great way to end the week. Before our supper meal, our traveling Happy Hour once again dispersed many of the residents’ favorite beverages.

We look forward to next week as included in our activity schedule is music by Chuck Kirkwood and a slide show of Pastor Bobs’ trip to the Dead Sea, we will  have a special breakfast to honor all of our great Dads. Also, it is the week of the Colfax Fair. Many residents have signed up to go with us to enjoy seeing the displays, the animals, and of course, the famous pies at the Holden Church Stand. Some say they may even finish the day with a cold beer from the beer tent.

Until next week, stay cool!
Barb Stobb, Activity Director