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In Memoriam – Leon Berenschot – 6-1-2016

In loving memory of Leon Berenschot, one year has passed today (June 1).

Heaven Sent
God said to me one fateful day, a   roaring tornado is coming your way,
but stay calm, don’t be afraid, for I will ensure that you’ll be okay.
With trees toppled over and buildings blown away,
God said I’m sending someone very special today.

A tall handsome man arrived at my door,
to tell me my troubles would be there no more.
His bright eyes and smile were so gentle and kind.
My worries were over; his warmth eased my mind.

With our very first, “Hi!”
we knew we were meant to be together and could never say “Good-bye.”

We were on the Mississippi celebrating my birthday one day,
The boat’s motor quit running, so we happily drifted astray.

We renovated houses or enjoyed crafting late into the night.
Just being together was such a delight.

Over thirty-two happy years together have passed,
sadly knowing that one day it would be our last.
Wonderful memories held deep in my heart;
I will never forget them although we’re apart.

Some days without you are so sad and full of tears,
but always remembering we had many happy years.

When the time comes for me to depart,
we will once again say, “Hi” as God reunites our two hearts.
We’ll join hands sharing a comfortable touch,
Until then, my dear Leon; I miss you so much.