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Colfax Health and Rehab – 6-1-2016

Colfax Health and Rehab – 6-1-2016

May 21 article

We had a busy week here at the Big Yellow House.

We started out the week with our Monday devotions and then our entertainment was “Honey and Me”, the residents were singing and clapping hands and stomping their feet.

On Tuesday we were treated to the kindergarten class. They have their picnic here every year and it’s always nice to have the kids around us. They put smiles on the residents’ faces and then after lunch they performed for us. The afternoon’s activity was BINGO; we have a variety of treats the residents get for each bingo. Afterwards was social hour with coffee, cookies, and a drink or two.

Wednesday was our worship service led by Pastor Koch along with communion. Thanks to our staff and volunteers for helping with communion. We then transformed the square from church into meal time. For our special meal this month we celebrated Syttende Mai. The menu consisted of Norwegian Meatballs in gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Rutabagas, Lefse and strawberry dessert. UFDA dat sure Vas good. After that big meal we had to do something to wear it off, so we went bowling. Pins were flying all around as strikes and spares were recorded.

On Thursday we started out with volleyball, think it’s been three weeks now since we popped a balloon, the balloon was really flying fast and the reaction time of the residents is amazing. Kathy Irwin filled the square in the afternoon with her wonderful piano playing. The residents pick the songs they wanted to sing and Kathy played and we sang. Beautiful voice filled the square. Thank you to Sand Creek Church Ladies for helping with the music and the cake and ice cream. River boat Randy was here Thursday night, first an hour on east and then an hour in CBRF. He gets everyone involved with instruments and of course they love to sing along.

On Friday morning Loretta led Rosary. Gospel sing was next on the list, the songs were sung with so much enthusiasm, I thought the roof was going to blow off. Our afternoon Bingo took place in the afternoon followed by coffee, cookies and of course Happy Hour. We are always happy here though.

That is the week in review, remember come on out and visit us anytime we always like company. So until next week, Smile and remember God Loves You.

May 27 article

We had a wonderful week here at the Big Yellow House! The rain never put a damper on our day or our smiles! Our week was filled with music, bingo, church, and of course freshly made cookies and seven layer bars from the kitchen.

Our week started off great with a special visit from the 5th grade Colfax band and choir students! They sang us songs of American pride and even some songs from the Beach Boys! As if that wasn’t impressive enough they played songs on the musical instruments they learned this year! They had everything from piano, flute, chimes, and so much more! We were so thankful for them coming to visit that each child left with a cookie.

We then had our annual memorial service during which time we remember and honor residents and loved ones who are no longer with us. Our facility was filled with family and friends who shared stories and memories of their loved ones and enjoyed a slideshow of pictures put together by our dedicated activity staff.

Our week ended with dime bingo and happy hour. But every hour is a happy one here at the Big Yellow House!