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Colfax Health and Rehab – 5-18-2016

The weather this week has been gloomy, clouds and rain have been in the area, but here at the Big Yellow House the sun has been shining.

Monday was a very special day and it showed by all the ladies who attended the Mother’s Day Tea. Sandwiches with cucumbers and dill dip, cheese whiz with olives and Russian tea cakes, raspberry tea and coffee. Mothers mean so much to us and Lord only knows where we would be without them. So to be able to honor them this way is our way of saying Thanks Mom for all you did and still do. Check out our menu on our Facebook page to see the wonderful meals that are prepared here.

On Tuesday morning the smell of fresh baked bread was in the air, two of the smaller kitchens had the bread machines up and running. Oh such a sweet aroma that is. Summer is the time for salads and fresh fruits. This week we had honeydew, raspberries, Zucchini salad and summer salad.

On Tuesday morning we had Beauty Boutique, I think at one time we had 10 ladies lined up and waiting to get their nails colored. It’s always interesting to see the colors that get applied to those lovely fingers, by the afternoon the ladies were showing off their freshly trimmed and painted nails to everyone at bingo. We have such a good turnout for bingo and some very happy people when the day is done and their bags are filled with treats, coffee and cookies followed and maybe an alcoholic beverage or two.

On Wednesday morning our weekly church service was held in the square, Pastor Conklin led the service and he talked about imagining paintings in our heads, so we were painting some pretty pictures. The afternoon was lively as JC Colby’s lovely voice filled the square, residents along with staff joined in singing the old lovely tunes.

Thursday morning was volleyball time and unlike a normal day today we did not pop any balloons. The afternoon saw cribbage and other games taking place in the square, laughs and conversation could be heard throughout the building.

On Friday we started out with our weekly Gospel Sing, the lovely voices echoed throughout the building. The square was transformed from church into a Bingo hall by the afternoon. The joke of the day started out the afternoon bingo, than we got serious and started calling the winning numbers. Bingo after Bingo was yelled out and the winning grew and grew. Fun was had by all that attended and as always we ended the day with coffee, cookies and cocktails. It’s always fun to sit around at the end of the day and shoot the breeze. We encourage all of you to come and participate in our daily activities, as we can never have enough friendly faces around. Come and enjoy coffee and cookies with us anytime.

Until we meet again, have a great weekend and may God Bless You.