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Colfax Health and Rehab News – 2-17-2016

We send greetings from the Big Yellow House here in Colfax, Wisconsin. We all are enjoying the beautiful winter meteorological conditions. Maybe not all of us, but many of us like the extreme chill, the blustering winds and the ice covered walk ways and roads.

Truth be told, we are looking for the first Day of Spring which is the Vernal Equinox.  But if you were to travel 1,674.56 miles with an airplane (which has an average speed of 560 miles per hour) between Wisconsin to California you could be in sunny California in 2.99 hours. That is, if earthquakes and smog is your cup of tea or you can stay here and be warm. Come and visit us and we guarantee the hot coffee and fresh baked cookies will warm you.

You could have listened to Dale Martell entertain us on Monday afternoon. He plays several instruments VERY well.  You could have played Bingo with us on Tuesday and joined us for Happy Hour.

The Square was the place to be Wednesday morning when Pastor Wik led the church service. It was Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. You would have warmed up in the afternoon when we played bean bag toss. Dick Toycen and Lois Hayes each received a prize for highest score tossing bean bags. We played very hard all week long.

On Thursday morning we had a vigorous volleyball party in the Square. It sounded like a firing range when four balls were burst! We all laughed uproariously. We were so tired the only thing we had energy to do in the afternoon was decorate Valentine’s Day Cookies. Frost three, eat one; frost two, eat one. Have some coffee and frost one, eat one. Speaking of Valentine’s Day the Comets 4-Hers made three Valentines for every resident and the Boy Scouts from Elk Mound made Valentines for everyone and delivered them on Saturday. The kids from Big Elk Creek Church also made Valentines for us in their Sunday school class. A lot of sweet sentiments and handmade cards brightened up the faces of many people.

Friday morning’s gospel sing spread a lot of devotions. We sang the songs we love the most. Friday was also Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday. He was unable to attend so we celebrated posthumously. We played Dime Bingo and the winners also received pennies in Honor of “Old Abe”. The Happy Hour that followed Bingo was as happy as it could possibly be.

As the sun set on another week we pondered the words of Charles Read. He wrote a beautiful example of the influence life and love has on all of us. His wit and wisdom can warm the hearts of us all here in the land of Colfax. He wrote “Life is just one fool thing after another and love is just two fool things after each other”. With that said have a great week, stay warm and don’t forget to give someone a hug!