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EM approves devoting police patrol hours in budget to one officer

By LeAnn R. Ralph

ELK MOUND  —  In an effort to increase police patrol presence, the Elk Mound Village Board has approved allowing one police officer to work up to 36 hours per week.

The village board discussed the patrol hours in a closed session following the Elk Mound Village Board’s January 6 meeting.

Police patrol hours are currently set up for multiple part-time police officers, explained Village Trustee Tom Gilbert when the village board had returned to open session.

The village board would like the 2,080 patrol hours in the budget devoted to one officer, said Andy Peterson, village president.

“We want to allow the (police) chief to use the hours for one person but not to exceed the budget,” he said.

The difference will be one part-time police officer working 36 hours per week rather than three part-time officers working 40 hours per week, Peterson said.

The 36-hour per week police officer position will qualify for state retirement benefits.

“We are looking for consistency,” Peterson said.

“And a familiar face,” Gilbert said.

Village board members were hoping that one particular part-time officer, Dan Downey, would agree to work the 36-hour per week position.

Elk Mound Police Chief Travis Hakes said he would speak with Officer Downey.

The Elk Mound Village Board unanimously approved a motion to allow one officer in the police department to work up to 36-hours per week.

In addition to Gilbert and Peterson, village trustees Tony Schrantz, Terry Stamm, and Chad Mousel voted in favor of the motion.

Village trustees Brenda Carpenter and Travis Wenzel were absent from the meeting.