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GC Top 10 – 12-30-2015

Glenwood City MS/HS Academic Achievement Top 10 List
December 21-23, 2015

 1. Zach Klinger for being such a great help to his peers in Web Page Design. He is very respectful and I really appreciate his work ethic.

2. Maya Petersen for writing an exemplary essay in Spanish on the jobs of a lifeguard.

3. Taylor Drinkman for writing her very best essay in Spanish about the use for crutches!

4. Kinzie Strong for an awesome point of view presentation as Rapunzel’s hair.

5. Allexis Rassbach & Olivia Janson for taking on a secondary instrument to help balance the band.  Best of luck on your bassoon adventure!

6. Dakota Phalin for going over and above on her Elf project for Anatomy.  Awesome job at combining art and science!

7. Dan Loring and Tom Rosenow for taking their time and doing a great job in the recent test in Math 8!

8. Trevor Larson for mastering Shakespeare.

9. Savannah Kessler for hard work and effort in Drawing and Design class.

10. Tayler Crawford for her independent work habits while doing her pencil portrait drawing in Drawing and Design class.