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Colfax Health and Rehab – 12-30-2015

The 12 Days before Christmas continued…

On the 5th day before Christmas we rested, listened to Church on Radio and TV. Rex Classes were as busy as could be. The Bounce ball in the evening was a little more bouncy, everyone still enjoying the visits from kids with treat, and the Christmas Carolers.

On the 4th day before Christmas Sue had Christmas stockings for all that attended devotions, reading and exercise class in the morning. The bounce returned in full force in the afternoon when Dale Martel entertained everyone with his amazing voice and music. He plays guitar, mandolin and violin, not at the same time of course.

On the 3rd day before Christmas Cathy had devotions in the Square, she read some Christmas stories and she kept the bounce going with exercises galore. Bingo in the afternoon, happy hour and more, everyone left with bags of treats when they walked out up to their door.

On the 2nd day before Christmas Pastor Taylor came to preach. He’s from a church just north of town, Otter Creek the name, preaching is his game. Christmas was a coming and nails were getting long; so the Beauty Boutique opened and everyone listened to some songs. Nails were all so shiny and the ladies looked so sweet, Christmas Eve was soon to be and all their families would come to meet.

1 day before Christmas and there seemed to be a hush, everyone was anxious after all the Christmas rush.

At last it was Christmas morning, that very special Day. Special breakfast, special dinner, special people at our door, who could ask for anything more? But alas we do. We ask that everyone have a safe holiday season and a Happy and Healthy New Year.