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Colfax Health and Rehab – 11-11-2015

November is here with its unmistakable rustle of crisp brown leaves, gusty winds and the sounds of flocks of migrating geese. While we wait for longer days in the New Year and the joys of the coming Holidays we are warm and content here at the Big Yellow House. We have something to look forward to everyday.

This week we had a “Show or Tell”. The subject was Hot Pads, Pot Holders, and Rolling Pins. Sue Hill shared her extensive collection. She talked about the history of each item and the materials used whether manufactured or fashioned by hand. Sue also led devotions, current events and exercise on Monday and Tuesday.

The Bingo games on Tuesday and Friday were very entertaining as well as replenishing of snacks and the companionship of friends and family.  Happy Hour is another time for socializing, not that we need an excuse to get together and have a fine libation. Living here is easy breezy. You don’t have to get up or go to bed at a certain time. Your meals are served according to your specification whenever you come to the dining room. We have five dining rooms. We also have people who do the laundry, clean your apartments every day, wash your clothes and your back should you desire. Need a haircut or perm? We have a Beauty Salon. Need your nails done? We have a Manicurist.

We have church services every Wednesday morning. This week Pastor Schoenknecht officiated and Delores Huber was our pianist. We also have Rosary every Friday morning and this week Father Nakwah from St. Joseph Parish, Elk Mound had Mass on Thursday morning for our Catholics.

Friday mornings there is a Gospel Sing in the Square. Glen Edberg, Bruce Schroeder, Julie McNaughton and Delores Herbert led the service. Do we get bored? Not a chance, because there is always something to do. This week Steve Szydell entertained us with his serenading voice while playing his electronica guitar. After his concert was over everyone hung out in the Square drinking coffee and munching on cookies until Chantell from Anytime Fitness brought her dance class. They were scheduled to have a performance at 4 p.m. The dancers were clad in tutus and masks. They did the Monster Mash Ballet. The Square was lined with spectators. The recital was so charming. There is chatter they are planning a spring recital too.

The East dining room was converted into a volleyball arena Thursday morning. The green and gold volleyball flew through the air. Aaron Rodgers would have been proud. Later the Square became a gathering place where cross word puzzle enthusiasts joined in an afternoon of solving the Giant puzzle. There were many scheduled programs every day.

Wednesday, November 11th is our Veterans Day Program at 2 p.m. in the Square, come and help us honor our veterans.

Our week was entertaining and as usual that is the latest and greatest news from beautiful downtown Colfax where the men are strong, the women are good looking and the children are still eating candy from their Halloween Stash of goodies.