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Colfax School to host “Color Sail”

Colfax elementary students have a fun reward in store them later this month:  the Colfax Vikings Color Sail.  In the tradition of the recently popular Color Run and ColorDash, the Color Sail (so-named because of the Vikings mascot) will be a 2-3 mile walk around the school district property where students can be colored with non-toxic powder at multiple color stations throughout the course.  At the end of the race a DJ will be playing to let kids dance and play in the colorful dust.

In addition to being a reward, the Color Sail is a fundraiser for PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports).  Funds will go towards future reward activities, prizes, and trainings.  All JK through 6th grade students will be participating in addition to many older students.  Each student may ask family and friends to sponsor them.  The cutoff for the student fundraiser (prizes) will be Oct. 13th. Community members may contact a Colfax JK-6th grader, visit the website to donate (, or make a donation the day of the Color Sail.

“Come join us!” one teacher exclaimed, “Our kids and staff are really excited about this unique reward.  It’ll be a colorful day in Colfax.”

The goal is for children to “Be respectful, be responsible, and be safe” because “That’s how Vikings sail!”