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Successful Dunn County Hazardous Waste Collection

The weather cooperated this year for Dunn County Solid Waste Division’s annual Hazardous Waste Collection event by providing great t-shirt weather, sunshine, and smiling residents.

Workers from WRR Environmental Services (WRR) who were collecting the hazardous waste from residents remarked how friendly and cooperative participants were when they dropped off their items for disposal. The wait time this year was relatively short compared to previous years and residents were helped within minutes of arriving which may have been a contributing factor. A friendly attitude isn’t always the case at collection events that WRR conducts all over the state due to some participants becoming frustrated waiting in line for extended periods of time from large turn outs.

Jen Barton from Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NWRPC), who Dunn County contracts with to operate the event, remarked, “I am impressed that residents continue to utilize this program and desire to want to dispose of hazardous waste properly.”

B.J. Michalek from WRR pointed out that some counties do not hold a hazardous waste collection event or program allowing residents to dispose of harmful materials. He also stated, “People see the hazardous waste collection program as an alternative way to get rid of items instead of throwing them away and residents seem to consciously want to keep harmful things out of the environment.”

Seeing antique labels and bottles from yesteryears that were being turned in certainly had volunteers and workers reminiscing. Farms had the most volume of material turning in mostly pesticide waste which was almost double the amount from last year. Businesses turned in mostly paint and the majority of households turned in aerosol canisters.

This year, there was a steady flow of traffic with no congestion like previous years. What contributed to this year’s decrease in turn out was that some residents may have been looking for the Solid Waste Division’s newsletter which normally goes out a few weeks prior announcing the event. The division is doing a one-time comprehensive waste and recycling guide which is a big undertaking in lieu of the newsletter this year. Residents can expect to receive the guide in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for it. Semi-annual informative newsletters will continue as normal for next year.

For more information, visit Dunn County Solid Waste Division’s website at or call 715-232-4017.