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Colfax Health and Rehab – 9-23-2015

Hello. Everyone at the Big Yellow House sends you greetings and salutations. Our family had a wonderful week despite the torrential down pouring rain on Thursday. It takes more than a little weather to dampen our spirits.

On Monday morning we kept our spirits peaceful and content with devotional time in the square. Sue also kept residents updated with the news of the day and before going back to their rooms residents had some stretching and uplifting exercise. Lunch was a meal reminiscent of Mom’s cooking. Homemade tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with apricots for desert was served. However, we didn’t have to go down to the cellar for the canned apricots. After lunch we had our Rex class on Birch. 2 o’clock Trivia in the square kept everyone busy “pondering”. One of our residents admitted all she could think of was the delicious beef tips and ranch potatoes that were going to be served for dinner that evening.

By Tuesday afternoon residents were ready, willing and able to come to the Square for Bingo and Happy Hour.

Our regular church service was our Wednesday program. We were blessed by Pastor Schroetter from Barum & Big Elk Creek Church in Elk Mound. Delores Huber blesses us every week as our pianist. The afternoon activity was a musical program. JC Colby’s sweet sounding voice and guitar was wonderful, as usual when he yodels he brings down the house!

Speaking of bringing down the house the bounce ball in the evenings does that as well as the volleyball game on Thursday mornings. The sky was so dark Thursday morning we thought it was night! In the afternoon it was still raining, but no one cared because we had beauty boutique in the Square. Cathy manicured 230 nails. Dazzling paws were seen throughout the building. Good job, Cathy Davis. You are our new “Manicure Queen”.

On Friday morning Glen Edberg, Julie, Bruce and Delores came to lead our Gospel Sing in the Square. Loretta led the Rosary in the East Family Dining room. By 11 a.m. the Square was swiftly being converted into a Fantastic Fish Fry Friday Restaurant! By 12 o’clock the residents and guests came to the Square and were in line going thru the buffet. It was a giant success. The chefs and staff did a crackerjack job! The Square was then transformed into a Bingo Hall and bar after the fish fry. At 2 p.m. Dime Bingo players filled the tables again! There was no grass growing under anyone’s feet on Friday.

It’s been a fun week here in the land of Colfax where every day is a very special day. Especially if you live or work or come to visit us at the Big Yellow House! The coffee is always hot, cookies are fresh and smiles are plentiful!