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Colfax Health and Rehab – 9-16-2015

It is full speed ahead at the Big Yellow House. Labor Day is over and school has started. The first day of autumn is only eight days henceforth. Consequently we are planning for fall and all the up-and-coming events. Anticipating the changing of the leaves, joy rides in the country will begin later this month. One of our chefs has a colossal pumpkin patch. We will have some for our October festivities that is if the deer don’t devour them first.

This week residents were on the go every day. Morning programs were devotion, current events, exercise, and volleyball game in the Square.

On Wednesday morning Pastor DeMaris led our worship service. Delores Huber was our pianist. Glen Edberg, Julie McNaughton, Bruce Schroeder and Dolores Huber came to host our Gospel Sing. Delores was our pianist. Bruce played the guitar and sang a couple of solos. Bruce showered us with blessings. Loretta Logslett led the Rosary in the East Family dining room. Our Catholic residents also have mass once a month.

The bingo crowd filled the Square on Tuesday afternoon. Many residents stayed for Happy Hour.

On Wednesday afternoon the Square was used for an afternoon of the Ed Sullivan videos that were donated. We watch one called Red, White and Blue. It was very patriotic. The performers dated back to 1958 and it was very moving. Of course coffee, cookies and conversation rounded out the afternoon activity. To tell the truth we round out every afternoon with coffee, cookies and conversation.

On Thursday afternoon it was time for our monthly bowling tournament. By the time the proverbial dust had settled the winner was none other than Betty Peterson. She brought the trophy back to her apartment where it will be on display until the next tournament in October. Congratulations Betty, well done!

We picked up the pace Friday afternoon with Dime Bingo. Conversations, coffee, cookies were evident after bingo when the bar opened. The bartender made ready the beverages of choice.

Our van was in the Saturday Firemen’s Ball parade.  Staff and residents had a ball throwing candy and bounce balls out to the spectators along the way. Hollywood was the card game many enjoy on Saturday afternoon at the Big Yellow House.

Sunday afternoon was the first regular Packer game. The Packers put the squeeze on the Bears giving them a Big Bear Hug!

Another week had flown by here in the land of Colfax and before closing. We want to thank all the volunteers that give of their time and talents. They bring a fresh spirit. To say “We can’t thank them enough” may be a cliché, passé, or a hackneyed gesture but the truth is volunteers are truly appreciated by residents and staff alike.