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Elk Mound girls third, boys tenth at St. Croix Central meet

The high heat and excessive humidity took its toll on several runners at the cross country meet held at St. Croix Central Sept. 3, but both Elk Mound teams made it through without any major problems as the girls had their highest finish ever at the meet for third place in a field of 10 teams, while the boys were tenth of 11 teams. (The extreme heat forced the middle school race to be canceled after some runners from the varsity competition dropped out of their respective races).

Elizabeth Fasbender cracked the top ten with a sixth place finish in a time of 23:46, with the winner, Anya Swanson of Ellsworth coming in at 22:53. Following Fasbender for the Mounders were Brook Plaszcz for 11th at 24:17 and Alana Plaszcz in 12th at 24:19. Hannah Cedarblade was further back in 44th place in 27:33, Meredith Hainstock finished in 60th place in 29:23, Nevada LsPoint ended up in 71st at 30:24, Claudia Paul was 76th at 31:04, Corrine Zimmer placed 79th in 31:40 and Mattea Linberg was just behind her in 80th at 31:56. Hanna Hollister crossed the finish line in 84th place with a time of 32:54, Ciera Lind was clocked in 33:44 for 87th and Audrey Westcott finished in 88th at 33:47. There were 107 competitors who finished the race.

Nate Kruger was the first Mounder boy to cross the finish line in 41st place with a time of 21:57 and running on his heels was teammate Hayden Kohls in 42nd place at 22:04. There was a gap between the second and third runner as Grant Kjellberg finished in 54th place in 22:46, followed by Jake Johnson in 63rd at 23:14. Close behind came Jonas Kohls in 23:18 for 65th, followed by Nate Lind in 71st at 23:29 and Nate Schreiber in 88th at 25:07. Doing some pack running were Bowdrie Noller in 90th at 25:30, Jared Strand in 91st at 25:36 and Matt McLaughlin in 92nd in 25:39. Erik Strand completed the race in 26:04 for 96th and Dylan Hanson was 99th in 26:47.124 individuals competed in the contest which was won by Sam Bell of Ellsworth in 17:16.

“Overall, it was a good meet for us,” coach Jeremiah Fredrickson said. “We didn’t have a lot of great times but it was a good workout. For the most part, our kids came out pretty healthy. A lot of runners were melting in the heat but our kids did well.”

GIRLS TEAM SCORES: Prescott 42, Osceola 76, Elk Mound 116, Glenwood City 129, St. Croix Central 136, Ellsworth 163, Spring Valley 174, Durand 176, Baldwin-Woodville 199, Somerset

BOYS TEAM SCORES: St, Croix Central 66, Durand 70, Prescott 75, Osceola 76, Glenwood City 139, Boyceville 167, Baldwin-Woodville 172, Spring Valley 193, Ellsworth 225, Elk Mound 247, Elmwood-Plum City 271