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Colfax Health and Rehab – 9-9-2015

Here we are again, another week has gone by. We were incredibly action-packed in these seven days.

On Monday and Tuesday mornings we assembled in the Square for devotions, current events and some amusing keep healthy exercises.

On Wednesday morning we had our regular scheduled worship service. Ten pastors participate in a rotational format that Pastor Les Walck has so graciously arranged for us. This week the service was led by Pastor Schoenknecht from Holden, Norton, and North Running Valley Lutheran churches. Delores Huber was the pianist. When the service was over the residents were treated to a preview of a program we will have in October. Judy Ferguson and Rhonda Whitman call themselves “Grandma Judy and the Ukulele Lady”. Judy read an original story and Rhonda played the Ukulele and sang following the reading.

On Thursday morning the priest from Elk Mound had Mass in the Square for our Catholic residents. In the meantime residents gathered in the East Dining room. It was Volleyball time; time to kick back and enjoy the companionship and amusement this activity affords.

On Friday Morning Loretta led Rosary in the east family dining room for our Catholic residents. The Square was being made ready for the Gospel Sing. Delores Hubert was warming up on the piano and Glen Edberg was arranging the program as residents came to sing. Bernice Ostland’s son-in-law Nick Pund had requested to sing with Glen. Nick and his wife live in The Villages in Florida. Glen cordially gave him the microphone. Nick has a rich beautiful voice and did an amazing job. Morning activity programs are a great way to start the day; however to keep that good feeling the rest of the day the afternoons offered many opportunities.

On Monday “The one and only” Dale Martell brought his various instruments into the Square. The day was hot and so was Dale, particularly after finishing the Orange Blossom Special. The residents loved to hear his program and gave him a sitting O.

On Tuesday afternoon the Square was transformed into a Bingo Hall. Prizes were neatly lined up on trays and the tables with bingo cards placed ever so neatly greeted residents as they came to play! Then it was game on. After happy hour with bags of prizes, cookies, coffee and or a beer or two, residents were seen going back to their rooms with a satisfied look on their faces.

On Wednesday afternoon residents were extremely happy to be indoors. Some attended Residents Council meeting. Others enjoyed the rain outside their windows as they read or took a nap. The heavens had opened up on Colfax, No one complained too much. We were just happy we didn’t live in Ridgeland since they received the brunt of the downpour!

On Thursday afternoon once again the Square was repurposed and converted into a Beauty Boutique area. Manicures every two weeks help to keep our ladies feeling special and looking special. The reason for that is they are!

On Friday afternoon was Dime Bingo followed by Happy Hour.

Getting ready for the Labor Day weekend was on many residents’ minds. Some had family outings planned. Some enjoyed the Hollywood game on Saturday. Tim and Sue got people out to enjoy the day. Three lucky gentlemen went fishing this week. Ashley and Chantel took them to a pier on Half Moon Lake in Eau Claire. The girls are CNAs and came in on their days off to make the fishing trip happen! It truly doesn’t get much better than this here in the Land of Colfax where everyone is welcome to come and see what the Big Yellow House is all about! Hint hint, we are about caring for others.