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Colfax Health and Rehab – 9-2-2015

Crisp, cool, overcast, drizzling, windy, days were our constant companions early in the week. Later in the week the SUN poked its head out from behind the clouds. Here at the Big Yellow House the Sun is always shining especially in the Rotunda. Every evening there is blue sky and Sunshine visible for Bounce Ball players who seem to be energized by it. SUNday afternoon residents on Cedar Lane and Maple Lane created their own SUNdaes in the East dining room. 

On Monday morning at devotions Sue’s theme was SUN Flowers. In the afternoon we had SUNdae Monday. The Square was the ice cream parlor.

The Square was turned into a Bingo Parlor Tuesday afternoon. Volunteers helped pass the prizes. Thank yous go out to Michelle, Eileen, Vonnie and Linea. SUNshine warmed the residents in the Square during Happy Hour, or it might have been the beverages that were served.

On Wednesday Morning Pastor Schroetter from Barum and Big Elk Creek Church in Elk Mound led the worship service. Delores Huber was our pianist and played beautiful music as residents worshiped the SON of God with their voices.  The afternoon entertainment was Bean Bag Toss. Wednesday was National “Dog Day”. On behalf of dogs everywhere residents tossed kittens into the pond. Ok, Ok they were Beanie Baby kittens, not real ones, and the pond was just a platform with holes in it. Once again the SUNshine warmed the residents in the Square. Hot coffee and fresh cookies were served.

Thursday morning was beautiful. Summer was still showing its spirit, gracing us with warm SUN. Many residents came out for volleyball. We played in chairs, and faced off in two lines. We did more laughing than anything else, but had fun hitting the ball never the less. At 1 o’clock we have REX every day. REX is Restorative Exercise Class. Residents gather on Birch Lane for this exercise class. The afternoon activity was a movie, popcorn and root beer. The movie was “Gus”. A cast of comedy pros, including the hilarious Don Knotts and Tim Conway, made this Disney classic a sure winner.

Friday morning started with a Gospel Sing in the Square. Julie played the flute, Glen sang as Delores accompanied them on the piano. Outside the sky was grey, with rain on the horizon. Since the SUN was not about to warm us up; the chefs prepared a chicken and rice casserole, spinach Salad and pudding for lunch. Bingo was our afternoon activity. That always puts a jingle in our residents’ pockets. At 3 o’clock we raised the spirits of many who attended Happy Hour.

On Saturday residents played Hollywood with Sue. Cookies and conversation for residents and families visiting are just two more things we do best on the weekend.

Another week draws to a close in beautiful downtown Colfax where at the Big Yellow House the men are vigorous and the women are vivacious and we aims to keep them that way!