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Colfax Health and Rehab – 8-26-2015

Greeting from our Big Yellow House to your house! We hope your week was as enjoyable as ours was.

We started out with our Monday morning devotions, reading and exercise. We always have much to be thankful for, a considerable amount of news to catch up on, and plenty of reason to exercise. One of the best reasons was the Pizza, zucchini salad and rhubarb dump cake served for dinner. At 1 o’clock the REX Class takes place on Birch Lane every day. Many residents are encircled and ready to do their exercises. Our Restorative CNA’s have many group and individual classes every day.

When someone comes to live here or for rehabilitation they start out with Midwest Therapy for Physical Therapy. When they are done with therapy the therapists make a program for each individual so they can maintain their strength. That’s where the Restorative CNA’s come in. They do a wonderful job with each resident.

Our Ball Class at 6 p.m. every evening was also designed for exercise. The rotunda is lined with residents anxious to throw or kick a ball at each other. Visitors are welcome to come and join the fun. Of course if it is not entertaining we really don’t like to do it. The proof is in the pudding because on Monday afternoon we had the Square filled with residents when the Ed Sullivan show was shown. The DVDs are so nostalgic. Coffee and cheese and crackers were served after the show.

Tuesday afternoon the Square was ready for the Bingo aficionados. When the bar opened for Happy Hour residents enjoyed each other’s company with “Spirited” conversation.

Wednesday morning we had our first Men’s Pancake breakfast at 7:30AM. Tim Klevgard, our newest member of the Activity Team was busy making the pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs. Everyman except 2 men who had appointments attended the breakfast. Our next Men’s Breakfast will be September 30th. Following the breakfast Pastor Eide from Shepherd of The Hill Lutheran Church in Elk Mound led the Church service. Delores Hubert was our Pianist. Communion was served. Residents left the Square ready to face the day.

The dinner was stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon, carrots, hash browns and Chocolate Mousse. Beauty Boutique was the afternoon activity. Pampered paws and oodles of girl talk kept everyone in joie de vivre.

Thursday morning the rain that had washed Colfax sparkling clean all week changed to sunshine. By the afternoon there was a rumble of lawn mowers attacking the grass heard all over town! We had a rumble inside the Square when Magic Mary Faeber came to entertain us again. Many residents joined her at the microphone and sang along with her. Coffee and cookies topped off the afternoon.

Friday morning the blue sky once again greeted us as the day started. Rosary with Loretta and Gospel Sing with Glen Edberg, Deloris Hubert and Julie McNaughton got us off to a great start. Friday fish fry for the Sandy Ridge Apartment and Ridge Crest (CBRF) took place in Ridge Crest. Residents had ordered fish from the Buck Snort and they seemed to whole-heartedly enjoy the meal. Dime Bingo was the afternoon program with another Happy Hour succeeding Bingo. Residents succeeded to make the most of the week that evening at Bounce Ball in the Rotunda.

Saturday afternoon Holly Wood Card games filled the afternoon with conversations and chocolate.

Another week came to a close here in the land of Colfax where we always have something to do.

As September 23rd looms in the distance we are looking forward to making many Fall memories. That’s the first day of Fall, with 120 days until Christmas. Just in case you were wondering we do have this year’s Resident Christmas party on our December Calendar.