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Colfax Health and Rehab – 8-19-2015

The Big Yellow house was full of exciting things this week.  The residents were treated to some good food and some sweet desserts. Some of the menu items were diced pork in gravy, Mac and cheese, stuffed peppers, pulled pork and fish. The desserts included pie, bars, cakes and parfaits. Our kitchen staff takes great pride in serving our residents.

Sunday began the week with our church services on the TV.  Monday was devotions and exercises followed by crafts in the afternoon. The residents are busy painting boards to hold our centerpieces for the pig roast.  So make sure you tell them how good a job they did on their painting.  One resident drew an old sail ship free hand and colored it, so if you are in the big house stop in and asks to see it.

On Tuesday we had Bingo in the square and the residents as always were raring to go.  We had many winners and afterwards we had coffee and cookies. Wednesday church services were led by Pastor Wik, it was his first time here and he did an amazing job.  In the afternoon the residents were treated to farm trivia outside. Two teams were chosen and each team got to answer questions.  After trivia we all sat around and had root beer floats or just a cup of ice cream.

On  Thursday morning we started out the day with breakfast and then it was time to play some volleyball. In the afternoon we gathered in the beauty salon and took some time to pamper our nails and get ready for the weekend.

On Friday we had our gospel sing and Bible readings and then we were ready for our Friday bingo. Loretta led Rosary for our Catholic residents. Our newest addition to our activities staff called out the numbers for us and did a good job.  The residents collected their winnings.  We then took some time to enjoy Happy Hour where we shared a drink and told some stories.

So as you can see it’s been another busy week for us here. So if you get bored and want something to do, come in and visit with us and have some coffee, cookies and great conversation and see what the Big Yellow House is all about!