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GC School raises cafeteria prices by 10 cents

GLENWOOD CITY — The School Board meeting Monday night was a short one due to the annual Board Retreat.

Two items were up for approval with the first being an increase to the cafeteria prices. The Board approved unanimously with the absence of Charlotte Stout to approve the increase of 10 cents.

The Elementary lunch price increased to $2.20 and Middle School/High School price is $2.30. As for adults, their increase put the price at $3.30.

Superintendent, Tim Johnson stated that currently with the increase, the District as a whole is still behind the state by 50 cents. The average meal price for a high school student is at $2.70 throughout Wisconsin.

More or less, the District has been strongly pushed to raise prices or they could lose state funding.

The second action item was the approval of posting for the position of a part time kitchen aid. This amounts to five hours per school day.