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Elk Mound selects new center court logo after Bucks controversy

By LeAnn R. Ralph

ELK MOUND  —  The Elk Mound school district has selected a new gym floor logo to replace the one that officials from the Milwaukee Bucks and the National Basketball Association believed was too close to the Bucks’ new logo.

“We’d like to thank everyone who helped choose the floor design for the high school gym floor. The choice that most people selected was Option No. 2,” said Dr. Ron Walsh, district administrator, in a news release issued July 22.

“Preferences were selected by school e-mail for students and staff with school e-mail and in person at the district office,” he said.

“It is nice to see the traditional elk at the center of the floor art along with other symbols of Elk Mound. We are pleased with the number of students, parents, staff, alumni and community members who participated by expressing which floor art they preferred,” Dr. Walsh said.

“We had very little time to solicit art work and set up a procedure to solicit feedback. We feel that those who participated were a good representative sample of the Mounder community,” he said.

All together, five options were available for voting.

Option No. 2 received 111 votes.

The next highest vote total was 81 for Option No. 1.

Option No. 3 received 21 votes, while Option No. 4 received 13 votes, and Option No. 5 received 22 votes.

Even though the district was unable to set up an objective on-line voting survey in such a short time, there were several “likes” for specific designs on Facebook. If school district officials had been able to count those as valid votes, those votes would not have altered the order in which the art work was selected, Dr. Walsh said.

As one of the school district’s summer maintenance projects, the Elk Mound High School gym floor was refinished in June.

Part of the project included a new logo for the center court of the gym floor.

The outline of the new logo, with the upright antlers of an elk, resembled the new logo of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Although initially it seemed as if Elk Mound’s new logo was not going to cause a problem, representatives for the Bucks and NBA officials decided after all that the school district’s new logo too closely resembled the new logo adopted by the Bucks.

Elk Mound High School’s new gym floor logo had taller antlers than the Bucks’ logo and included an image of the “castle” in the park on top of Mound Hill.

The Mound Hill Park castle was originally constructed in 1937 as an observation tower and a picnic pavilion and later was dedicated as a memorial to Dunn County rural mail carriers.

According to the Village of Elk Mound’s website, stones for the castle came from the Downsville quarry. Material from a dismantled livery stable in the village also was used for the castle.

Templates of the new floor art for the center court in the Elk Mound High School gymnasium were in the process of being made after Option No. 2 had been selected, and the new logo was expected to be painted on the gym floor the week of July 24, Dr. Walsh said.

Dr. Walsh confirmed that the Milwaukee Bucks are paying for the cost of replacing the logo on the gym floor.