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Colfax Health and Rehab – 7-22-2015

Wow! It’s already the third week of July. This week we studied the origins of our calendar and discovered that July was named in honor of Julius Caesar. When Julius Caesar died, Quintilis, which was his birth month, was renamed with July. Quintilis means “fifth month” in Latin, which represents where this month originally fell in the Roman calendar. Residents like to keep their minds healthy as well as their bodies here at the Big Yellow House.

Residents have a chance for devotions, current events, and exercise on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Many residents love to read and thanks to the Colfax Library and private donations we have a pretty good supply of literature (much with large print). Residents have come to expect live music performances at least once a week. We aim to please so this week’s music was an afternoon of listening to soothing voices and guitars of Rich Schroeder and Jim Pejsa. They are a joy to enjoy!

Tuesday and Friday afternoon bingo is another activity that helps fill the day and residents stash of snacks. Happy Hour after bingo has been a copious success.

Midweek we had a church service. Pastor Barb Koch led the service and served communion. She is a retired clergy who stays active and also fills in at Grace Lutheran in Eau Claire. Thursday afternoon we had our bowling tournament. Lois Hayes was the winner and was very proudly exhibiting her trophy as she went down the hall to her apartment. Congratulations, Lois!

Thursday morning’s volleyball devotees gathered in the Square and it was game on. The best part of the game is that everyone wins. That is not done to be Politically Correct, it is just the way it is. Rain on Thursday afternoon provided a perfect atmosphere for residents to cozy up in the Square, popcorn in hand and kick back and enjoy a movie called Shiloh (a boy and his dog).Thursday morning’s Gospel Sing was led by Glen and Julie with Delores accompanying them on the piano. Loretta Logslett led Rosary for our Catholic residents.

The afternoon dime bingo game and happy hour on Friday and the Hollywood game on Saturday were very popular. Thanks to the many volunteers we are able to offer more things for our residence to do. Consider joining our volunteer group and I guarantee you will get more out of the experience than you think. Stop in or call 715-962-3186 and ask for Penny in Activities to see where your valuable time and talent is most needed.

Before wrapping this up I must apologize for the error last week. I listed Bernice Ostland as the person dancing the Hop Polka. It was really Bernice Eisenhuth dancing with Kenzie in that picture. That was the very first mistake ever I’ve made in this column and can honestly say it won’t be my last!

There you have it! The latest news from our neck of the woods here in the land of Colfax where all the men are strong, all the women good looking and all the children are as happy as a lark that it is summer!