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Parks committee okays new outlets for ball park concession stand

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — Plugging in two roasters at the same time in the concession stand at the Tom Prince Memorial Park can be a problem and often causes circuit breakers to trip.

The Colfax Village Board’s parks committee approved installing two new outlets and circuits at the ball park concession stand during the June 15 meeting at total cost of $220.

Chris Fogarty, an area electrician, spoke to the parks committee about the new outlets and circuit breakers.

The concession stand is set up for 100 amp service, and usage at the concession stand comes close that, he said.

Appliances can use over 100 amps for a while, but Fogarty said he does not recommend it on a regular basis.

Jeff Prince, president of the Colfax Softball Association, said adding outlets would make the concession stand more usable during tournaments and for other events out at the ball park, such as graduation parties, family reunions or benefits.

Mark Halpin, village trustee and a member of the parks committee, said he thought the extra outlets were a good idea.

People who use the park do not want to be tripping circuits frequently when they are trying to keep food hot, he said.

“We do not want Jeff on standby all weekend to check breakers and to tell people where to plug in their roasters, Halpin said.

“It would be good to bring it up to date,” he said.

The Colfax parks committee approved spending $220 for the two new outlets and circuits. The amount will come out of the parks budget for maintenance and buildings.

Poles and lights

Fogarty also presented an estimate for wiring to bring lights to the second field at the ball park.

Prince noted that the softball association has already purchased lights through an on-line auction.

Since the exact location of light poles has not been determined, it is difficult to know how much electrical wire would be needed, Fogarty said.

Based on 350 feet of electrical wire, the cost would be around $1,800, he said.

Poles for the lights would cost about $900 each, and at least five poles are needed for a total cost of $4,500, Prince said.

A business in town has indicated possible interest in donating the light poles, but nothing has been confirmed yet, he said.

Energy Communication Systems set the light pole for the new siren at the Colfax Rescue Squad, and Prince said he had checked with the company and had been told that Energy Communication Systems could set the poles for the ball field, too.

The gentleman from Energy Communication Systems has not yet provided a quote for setting the poles, Prince said.

Prince said he had also checked on scoreboards and discovered it takes six to eight weeks for delivery after a scoreboard has been ordered.

If the ball field lights and and a scoreboard or scoreboards are installed at the same time next spring, that would give the softball association more time to line up everything, he said.

If the second ball field has lights, more teams will want to play in Colfax, and that will help the businesses in town, Prince said.

“Colfax should be proud that we have something like (Tom Prince Memorial Park),” he said.

“We want to keep the park going and looking good. It is beneficial to everybody,” Prince said.

Scott Gunnufson, village president and a member of the parks committee, suggested that the Colfax Softball Association do what it could to raise funds or get donations, and the village could also contribute through what is allocated for park funds.

Prince said he would get more information about the poles, setting the poles and ordering the scoreboards.