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Youth Scholastic Pistol Team competes in state competition

by Head Coach Jim Kraft

The Colfax Sportsmen’s Club’s Scholastic Pistol Team went to State Champion Pistol Competition on Friday, June 12th at Muskego, WI.

We went down looking to upset some of the best teams in the state and I can tell you we did not upset them, we crushed them. Out of the four possible High School team medals Colfax took home two of them. 1st place gold in Junior Rimfire, and 1st place gold in Senior Rimfire.

One thing before I put this in perspective, what impressed me the most was the poise and attitude of our team members. They were professional, they greeted each stage Range Officer with confidence, asked permission before taking any actions and thanked the Range Officer for each stage as they completed it. In addition they were not just shooting targets, they were thinking, taking advantage of procedural calls, and getting the most out of every string they ran. Most importantly when they had a bad string they let it go, shook it off and did not let it impact the rest of their stage, It was a tremendous team effort.

Now the perspective, there were over 80 high school athletes competing at the state level, Wisconsin’s Scholastic pistol program is ranked 2nd in the nation size wise closely behind number one Tennessee. Close to 18,000 rounds of ammunition was expended in the matches, a testament to the safety and discipline of all involved. Program wise Colfax was the smallest team with full squads present so to take two of the four team trophies from a Wisconsin sport dominated by division 1 high school teams was an accomplishment for us. We are still waiting on results for individual efforts and expect to see team athletes named as well shortly. We have four, potentially five, athletes that will represent us at Nationals in July.  We are proud of all of the team.

Senior Squad: Trey Gullickson, Trevor Rothbauer, Keharron Bogstad, Jackson Zunker

Junior Squad: James Budnaitias, James Delambert, Trin Gunnufson, Ethan Leach, Caslin Kasten

Coaches: Jim Kraft, Tony Anderson, Jen Leach