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Colfax Health and Rehab – 6-11-2015

Summer approached Colfax this week. The weather was in stark contrast to the previous week. That being said here at the Big Yellow House we are simply not affected by the weather. It’s always the perfect temp for us to enjoy everything we do because of our state of the art climate control equipment.

On Sunday many friends came for a visit. Residents and families visited in the courtyards and of course in the Square where coffee and cookies reign supreme. Weekends are a little more relaxed than during the weekdays. Sundays are great days to take afternoon naps, especially after the meal the chefs served at dinner time. They served Pork Roast, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and Asparagus. The dessert was a decadent French Silk Pie. What a nice way to start the week.

Monday morning residents were more than ready to get back into their routine. Devotions, current events and exercise at 10 a.m. were a great way for many to hang out with friends. After a choice of four different pizzas, salad and rhubarb upside down cake residents were very anxious to be entertained. And ENTERTAINED they were! Magic Mary Faeber is a one woman band. At least it seems like it. She sits down at her keyboard and belts out old familiar tunes. Several residents sang time honored melodies with her.

Beauty Boutique was the first thing on the agenda Tuesday morning. Manicures in the morning pampered residents. Bingo in the afternoon gave everyone a chance to stock up on munchies and treasures. At 3 o’clock Happy Hour we served cocktails to those who wished to be a little happier.

We have Church services every Wednesday morning. This week Mary Eide from Shepard of the Hill, Elk Creek led the service. Delores Huber was the pianist. After a dinner of stuffed chicken breast, glazed carrots, hash browns and chocolate mousse residents gathered in the Square and played Wheel of Fortune with Cathy Davis.

Thursday’s volleyball game was a big success, as usual. There was more exercise in the afternoon to compensate for the wild berry pie residents had for dinner. Our monthly bowling tournament at 2 p.m. did the trick. The winner proudly displayed the trophy to everyone all the way home.

Gospel sing was our Friday morning program. Delores on the piano, Julie on the flute and Glen led the sing. Glen not only has a beautiful voice but a beautiful heart as well. Loretta Logslett led Rosary for our Catholic residents. The afternoon Dime Bingo games were well attended and everyone went home with a little clinking in their pockets.

On Saturday afternoon residents played Hollywood with Sue Hill. All and all it was indeed a pretty fair week.

Speaking of fair we will be having a booth next to the Municipal Restoration Booth at the Colfax Free Fair. Stop in! Catch up on the latest news and information about our up and coming events, like the local children T-Ball games at 6 to 7:30 on July 1st and 22nd on our front lawn, Ice Cream Social on the 31st of July and the Pig Roast in August on the 14th and much more.

Thanks to the volunteers who help with these programs so we can keep all these activities going. If you want to become a volunteer please call Penny at 715-962-3186. The schedule is wide open and the pay is fabulous. We pay with gratitude, resident smiles and a cookie.