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Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list – 6-10-2015

Glenwood City MS/HS Academic Achievement Top 10 List
May 18-June 5, 2015

1. Cody Huebner for good work refurbishing marching drums.

2. Derick Hogan for his continued willingness to assist Mr. Wannemacher.

3. Isaac Voeltz for obtaining 100% positive participation scores and for always doing a great job at shop clean-up.

4. Jake O’ Meara for the top weld practical for the final week of school.

5. Brett Bazille for helping with all of the Tech. Ed. video projects

6. The following sixth grade students for meeting with the entire fifth grade class and sharing with them their perspective of what it means to be a sixth grader.  They were great presenters who provided the students with an excellent view of middle school:  Myah Eliason, Yasmin Mendez, Tabby Nadeau, Matt O’Brien, Jacob Forest, Nick Hill, Tyler Kilty, Maddy Oehlke, and Lexi Wannemacher.

7. To Samantha Holldorf for her helpfulness and positive attitude in the TSC.

8. Congratulations to Zack Abt, Cody Bonte, Jared Kupper, and Kelsey Magsam for earning the top business plan presentation scores in Entrepreneurship! Way to go!!!

9. Perfect scores on sentence structure test: Bridgitte Weyer, Rachelle Fern, Nic Jensen, Alyssa Jones, Corey Klatt, Brittany Clemens, Catherine Schurtz, Tia Carlson, Mitchell Fallos, Kayla Moe, and Allen Croes.

10. The following students for going “above and beyond” for their service projects in Studio Art class:  Kathryn Vang, Carlee Strong, Taylor Brittain, Jared Kupper and Jeong Seo.