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Colfax fifth graders graduate from DARE program

by Marlys Kruger

During a ceremony in the elementary gym May 22, students in Mrs. Blomberg’s and Mrs. Yingst’s fifth grade classes were recognized and presented certificates for completion of the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program. The class was taught by Officer Rod Dicus from the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department. Dicus, along with Officer Kevin Bygd spoke to the students and family members who were present about the role the school, community and family play in helping young students learn to use refusal strategies when it comes to negative behavior issues.

The primary goal of  the DARE program is to teach effective peer resistance and refusal skills so that adolescents can say “no” to drugs and their friends who may want them to use drugs. The secondary goals of the program are to build a student’s social skills and enhance their self esteem, as these are believed to be linked to adolescent drug use. In addition to learning about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, other risk taking activities are addressed such as inappropriate use of the internet, and bullying including cyber bullying.

All Colfax fifth graders were required to write an essay telling why they will not use drugs and how they can use strategies to avoid risky behavior that could lead them into trouble. Six of the students were chosen to read their essays to the audience including Aimee Fruit, Austin Swanson, Emily Burcham-Schofield, Jamison Flatland, Ryan Albricht and Jillian Bowe.

Students from Mrs. Blomberg’s class include: Olivia Bazille, Jasmine Best, Jillian Bowe, Thomas Drees, Mariah Dutton, Jamison Flatland, Jayden Gross, Josiah Harder, Dylan Holden, Nathan Hydukovich, Madison Kolve, Coltin Lemon, Tristan Lenz, Dylan Martinson, Aiden McKee, Dustin Niggemann, Evelyn Pommerening, Taylor Risler, Patrick Sanders, Katelyn Sarauer, Bryce Sikora, Alana Smith, Alex Swanson, Nathaniel “Otto” Winings.

From Mrs. Yingst’s class: Ryan Albricht, Madison Barstad, Denver Behling, Luke Blanchard, Colin Bohl, Kayden Breezee, Emily Burcham-Schofield, Aimee Fruit, Juliann Geissler, Alyssa Haseltine, Brylee Lemke, Jarod Loew, Jessie Lyrek, Haley Mikesell, Jaiden Moen, Gabriel Muckley, Aliyah Rihn,Garrett Short, Mariah Smith, Austin Swanson, Rylee Timms, Will Wanish, Catherine Zons.