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GC valedictorian: Todd Petersen Jr.

By LeAnn R. Ralph

GLENWOOD CITY — Todd Petersen Jr. initially did not even want to try out for the all-school production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

“It ended up being one of the most fun things I took part in throughout high school,” he said.

Todd is the valedictorian of the Glenwood City High School Class of 2015.

He is the son of Todd Petersen and Tracey Schug-Petersen of Emerald.

Todd says earning the title of valedictorian was something he had kept in the back of his mind.

“Becoming the valedictorian was a goal that I had in the back of my mind throughout my high school career, but it wasn’t something that I really worried about too much,” he said.

“I just focused on my classes and did all of my homework, so my grades and becoming valedictorian fell into place. I do feel very honored to have been named valedictorian of my class,” Todd said.

Sports — and more specifically — football — provided several other memorable events for Todd.

“The most memorable event from high school for me is probably being a part of the state championship football team in 2012. Even though I was just a sophomore and didn’t really play that year, besides special teams, it was an awesome experience to be along for the ride,” Todd said.

“Usually playing at Camp Randall is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but we made it back for a second year so that was pretty special and memorable as well,” he said.

In addition to football, Todd participated in basketball, track and field, band and choir.

“My favorite activity was being involved in athletics, but it is hard to narrow down from there,” Todd said.

“There are different aspects about playing each sport and being on each team that are unique,” he said.

As for favorite high school classes, physics, chemistry and Spanish top Todd’s list.

“Chemistry was probably my favorite class overall because the material was the most interesting to me. Another reason I liked chemistry, and physics as well, was because of Mr. Ketola’s enthusiasm in teaching these classes. There were not many dull moments in science classes with him,” he said.

“I enjoyed Spanish class because I think it’s cool to learn another language. While taking Spanish all four years of high school, I have liked it more and more each year because speaking and understanding the language becomes easier,” Todd said.

Todd’s plans for the summer include helping out area farmers, as he has done in the past, and working for a landscaping business.

“I’m going to save as much money as I can for college and try to hang out with my friends as much as I can before everyone leaves for school in the fall,” he said.

Todd will be attending Ripon College although he has not yet decided on a major.

“Right now, I am leaning towards science as my area of study. One of the majors I am considering Is a Chemistry-Biology major that Ripon offers,” Todd said.

Todd also was accepted to the University of Minnesota — Duluth and Concordia University in St. Paul.

“I chose to apply to three schools because they were the schools that I liked best out of the ones that I toured over the summer,” Todd said.

“When making my college decision, it came down to whether I wanted to attend a really small private college like Ripon or a bigger university like Duluth,” he said.

“I ended up selecting Ripon because I was offered an academic scholarship there, and I like the sense of community that I feel the school offers,” Todd said.