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Elk Mound Valedictorian: Katie Paulich

ELK MOUND — Katie Paulich is the valedictorian of the Elk Mound High School graduating class of 2015.

Katie is the daughter of Frank and Sheila Paulich of Eau Claire.

The Colfax Messenger sent out a questionnaire for the valedictorian and here are her answers:

1. Describe the most memorable event that happened while you were in high school.

The most memorable event that happened in high school was our marching band trip to Disney World last summer (2014). The trip was a blast! It was memorable because I got to go on all the rides with my friends and take a LOT of pictures. Also, on the last day, the band did a flash mob on Cocoa Beach. It was awesome! We performed our marching show right in the ocean. The people on the beach were totally confused at first, and then started following our band along as we marched in the sand and the surf. I’ll never forget it.

3. List your favorite high school classes and explain why they were your favorites.

My favorite classes in high school were:

English 9 — This was one of my favorite classes because the teacher, Mr. Winchester, was hilarious. We learned about mock trials, and I’ll always remember reading The Old Man and the Sea because our teacher loved it so much.

Chemistry — I really liked this class again because of the teacher, Mrs. Simet. I also liked it because I thought the materials we covered were really interesting, and because a lot of my friends were in the class with me. I learned a lot about the elements, reactions, and the usual chemistry things. I’ll always remember changing the color of the flame on a Bunsen Burner with chemicals and talking to my friends.

Intro to Psychology — This class was one of my favorites because I felt like I understood how the entire world worked after taking the class. It was interesting to learn about how the human brain works. I’ll always remember the people in the class with me, because they made it fun.

Advanced English — This was my favorite class of ALL TIME! We had a small class and it was laid back. The people in the class with me were hilarious and knew how to make things fun! We had a lot of good times. I learned about British literature, which was awesome to read. We read things like Jane Eyre and Hamlet. I’ll always remember how our class acted out Hamlet, taking nothing seriously and just having a blast.

4. What activities were you involved with during high school. What was your favorite?

Karate; band; Students Supporting Students community group; Yearbook Committee; Academic Decathlon; National Honor Society.

My favorite activity of these was either band or Academic Decathlon. I loved band because I met a lot of new friends and our band went on several trips (things like the trip to Florida and some Minnesota Timberwolves games). I also really enjoyed performing pep band music. Plus, our director, Mr. Murphy, is the best director we could have asked for. I also loved Academic Decathlon because the people on our team were so different. It was great getting to know them. Also, we had a lot of fun studying (or talking) together, eating pizzas, and finally making it to the state competition this year in March and going on water slides at the Dells.

5. What are your plans after graduation?

For the most part, I’ll be staying home. My parents and I may be going on vacation at some point. I’ll be working a fair amount at my job at Burger King. I’ll also be spending a lot of time with my mom, doing fun activities like getting donuts and taking nature pictures. In late August, I will be going to a week-long Marching Camp at UWEC since I’m part of the Blugold Marching Band for next year.

6. Are you planning to attend college or technical school?

Yes, next year I will be attending UW- Eau Claire. I’m currently undecided, but I’m leaning heavily toward going into a Pre-Optometry program, which would likely mean a Biology major. I’ve been thinking about doing this because my Anatomy and Physiology class got me interested in how eyes work. Also, optometry has always been a part of my life as I’ve had glasses since pre-school.