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2015 Elk Mound graduates collect over $52,000 in scholarships

ELK MOUND — The Elk Mound Class of 2015 has been awarded over $52,000 in scholarship monies. The various awards went to 30 different members of the Class of 2015. Scholarship winners along with their various awards and amounts are listed below.

Jacob Ausman: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00; St. Joseph’s Confraternity Scholarship, $200.00; West Wisconsin Telecom Scholarship, $500.00; UW-LaCrosse Soaring Eagle Scholarship, $6,000.00; Elk Mound Alumni, $1,000.00

Jonathan Baggs: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00

Britney Bechel: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00; Dunn Energy Co-op Scholarship, $500.00

Katie Benson: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00; Brextin Stanley Scholarship, $100.00; Belgian Club Scholarship, $500.00; Elk Mound Alumni, $500.00

Rachel Caron: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00; UW-LaCrosse Academic Achievment Scholarship, $3,000.00

Alexis Delong: Dunn Energy Coop Scholarship, $500.00; Brextin Stanley Scholarship, $100.00; Cammie B. Johnson Memorial Scholarship, $1,000.00; Elk Mound Lions Club Scholarship, $250.00; Rochester Community & Technical College Hoffman Technical Scholarship, $1,000.00

Kelly Endl: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00

Shawn P Flynn: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00

Elly Friberg: UW-Stout, $1,000.00

Corey Hagberg: UW-Stout Promising Student Award, $500.00

Amy Hoffman: Dunn Energy Coop Scholarship, $500.00

Nicholas Hollister: University of North Dakota Academic Achievment Scholarship, $6,000.00

Dayna Kotecki: Amanda Newman Scholarship, $500.00; Brextin Stanley Scholarship, $100.00

Ryan Krall: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00

Leia Kufahl:  Bremer Bank Scholarship, $250.00; Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00

Aimee Lor: Bremer Bank Scholarship, $250.00

David Lor: Independence State Bank Scholarship, $500.00

Moriah Mauer: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00

Zachary Mohr: West Wisconsin Telecom Scholarship, $500.00; Charter Bank Scholarship, $1,000.00; Dunn County Fish & Game, $3,000.00; WI Trappers Assn/ Michael Abrahamson Scholarship, $500.00; Bloomer Rod & Gun Club Scholarship, $1,000.00; Eau Claire Rod & Gun Scholarship, $4,000.00; UW-Stevens Point Freshman Scholarship, $1,000.00

Amber Owens: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00; St. Joseph’s Confraternity Scholarship, $200.00

Katie Paulich: Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00; HEAB Scholarship, Variable; Eau Claire Energy Co-op Scholarship, $500.00; Brextin Stanley Scholarship, $100.00; Menomonie Lions Club Scholarship, $1,000.00; Colfax Sportsman’s Club Scholarship, $250.00; E.O. Johnson Scholarship, $500.00; UW-EC Chancellors & Academic Merit Scholarships, $3,000.00

Morgan Polden: Amanda Newman Scholarship, $500.00

Elizabeth Schreiber: Amanda Newman Scholarship, $500.00

Jordan Sorenson: Bremer Bank Scholarship, $250.00; Elk Mound Music Scholarships, $200.00 ; West Wisconsin Telecom Scholarship, $500.00; Clarence and Isabel Berger Family Scholarship, $500.00

Keshia Stahlbusch: Judge Stewart Scholarship, $250.00

Jonathan Storing: Menomonie Optimist Club Scholarship, $500.00; Elk Mound Lions Club Scholarship, $250.00; UW-EC Honors Schorship, $1,000.00; Elk Mound Alumni, $500.00

David Ward: University of Minnesota Carlson Management Scholarship, $1,000.00

Mikayla Woolhouse: AnnMarie Scholarship, $2,000.00

Emily Yang: Bremer Bank Scholarship, $250.00

Christopher Ziebell: Aaron Anderson Memorial Scholarship, $300.00