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Mound View Elementary student Tobey Wescott is Ag in the Classroom Essay winner

ELK MOUND – Tobey Wescott, a fourth grade student from Elk Mound, is the Dunn County winner of the Agriculture in the Classroom essay contest.  Wisconsin fourth and fifth graders were asked to write a 100 to 300 word essay with the theme, “Why are bees important to Wisconsin agriculture?”

Tobey is the son of Jason Wescott & Amy and Sean Vogt.  Mr. Jordan Kongshaug is his fourth grade teacher at Mound View Elementary.

A total of 2,853 Wisconsin students wrote essays for the competition sponsored by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Foundation, Frontier Servco FS and We Energies.

Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom program provides teachers and K-12 students with an understanding of how their food is produced.  The program seeks to work within existing curricula to provide basic information on our nation’s largest industry:  Agriculture.  Wisconsin’s Ag in the Classroom program is carried out by a network of local educators, volunteers and representatives from agricultural organizations and businesses.  The goal of the program is to help students gain a greater awareness of the role of agriculture in the economy and society, so that they may become citizens who support wise agricultural policies.

Here is a look at Tobey’s winning essay:

Look out! There’s a bee! Oh, never mind, you shouldn’t be scared because bees help our state of Wisconsin a lot.  Bees are important to Wisconsin agriculture because they pollinate flowers and crops, they bring color to the world and they make honey.

Pollination is an important part in the bee life cycle.  Worker bees spread pollen for 1-4 months.  Nuts, vegetables, alfalfa, apples, cantaloupe, cranberry, pumpkin and sunflowers all depend on bees for pollination.  Bees pollinate alfalfa, cows eat alfalfa, and we eat the cows, so if it weren’t for bees we wouldn’t have beef. 

Bees bring color to the world.  Bees collect pollen without even knowing it.  Once they land on the flower, the pollen falls off.  The pollen helps the flower grow and be colorful.  Thanks to bees, flowers are habitats to other little insects.  Sometimes we like flowers to put into our house and thanks to bees we can do that. 

Bees make honey and we eat honey.  We put honey on some of the food we eat.  We can spread honey on crackers and bread and have a honey sandwich or honey crackers.  Without bees we wouldn’t have these delicious snacks to enjoy.  Bees help produce some ingredients for cleaning supplies and some other good smelling supplies like lip balm and shampoo. 

Hopefully, after reading this, you aren’t scared of bees anymore.  I hope you learned that bees help Wisconsin in many ways like food production, colorful flowers, honey and cleaning ingredients.  If you find a bee, don’t be scared because they won’t hurt you, they are here to help.