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Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list

Glenwood City MS/HS Academic Achievement Top 10 List
May 4-8, 2015

1. Spencer Peterson, Tia Carlson and Josiah McClelland for making a compelling case for U.S. entry into World War One during the World Studies Congressional Debate simulation.

2. Jake Nadeau — for using the Spanish language and REALLY encouraging others as well!!

3. Kole Smith for outstanding effort on his English test.

4. Great Literature Discussion: Ashley Harkless, Andrew Hattery, Jake Wittmer, Josiah McClelland, Corey Klatt, A.J. Blomberg, Kayla Moe, Zack Abt, and Jamie Scanlon.

5. Allexis Rassbach for going above and beyond on her 1 point perspective lettering project in art rotation.

6. Olivia Janson and Abby Kremer for going well beyond a monthly independent reading assignment.

7. Nicole Peabody for being a very helpful Teacher Assistant.

8. The 8th grade class for being a “great group of students” on the 8th grade field trip to Madison and Milwaukee. They represented Glenwood City School District admirably by being respectful students at all events during the entire trip. Way to go!

9. Jake O’Meara and Nathan Cassellius for top Welding practicals.

10. Taylor Mortel for her hard work and effort outside of class in Drawing and Design class and willingness to help with whatever “extra tasks” are needed in the art department.