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Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list – 5-6-2015

Glenwood City MS/HS Academic Achievement Top 10 List
April 13-May 1, 2015
(more than 10 for the last few weeks!)

 1. Congratulations to Jacob Hennessy, Kaylie Scalze and Gabrielle Porter for representing Glenwood City at the International DECA Competition held in Orlando, FL this past week!

2. To the HS students that were good role models and played “4 square” outside with the elementary students.  Students include:  Jake Logghe, Jake Hierlmeier, Nate MrDutt, Mitch Hurtgen, Marcus Ullom, Carly Strong, Taylor Brittainn, and Spencer Peterson.

3. Carson Strong for his commitment to our Physical Education fitness plan and for assisting Middle School kids while learning weight room techniques.

4. Brooke Wickman and Natalie Gabbert for their great effort in our Physical Education fitness program. They come to class each day to improve their strength and conditioning levels.

5. AJ Blomberg and Jacob Traynor have done a nice job working together as a team to improve their overall fitness in Physical Education. They have a positive attitude and frequently ask questions to improve their technique.

6. Nicole Blomberg for working so hard and being so enthusiastic while learning how to play guitar in General Music.

7. Jacob Wittmer for assisting in the taxidermy lab setting for the past week!

8. Jacob Forrest – for earning the TOP score on the Triangles & Parallelograms Quiz in Math 6!

9. Erin Drinkman for helping out with the 7th grade rotation and being a great TAP student.

10. Brett Bazille for being a great lab assistant and video editor!

11. Marcus Hurtgen for being an amazing help to the teacher and other students in the shop!

12. Alyssa Wannemacher for sacrificing weekend time to keep the plants alive in the Glenwood City High School Greenhouse!

13. Nathan Cassellius –  “Best weld practical test.”  (three weeks ago) and Jake O’Meara –  “Best weld practical test” (two weeks ago)