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Colfax, Elk Mound golfers compete in three meets

Both the Colfax and Elk Mound golf teams took advantage of ideal weather and competed in a pair of conference meets, one at Spring Valley April 28, another at Glenwood City on May 1 with the Colfax Invite held in between.

Spring Valley

The Mounders placed fifth as a team while the Vikings were sixth. Leading Elk Mound was Jameson Rubenzer with a nine hole round of 50, followed by Corey Hagberg with a 51, Jonah LaRock a 56, Mark Dickenson a 62 and finishing off the group, Tim Lambele a 68.

Trevor Seston was low man for the Vikings with a 45, and further back was Trey Gullickson with a round of 56, Brett Prince a 57 and  Treyton Tiege with a 66.

Jason Richardson of Spring Valley won the match with a score of 37.

TEAM SCORES: Spring Valley 169, Glenwood City 170, Mondovi 175, St. Croix Central 188, Elk Mound 219, Colfax

Colfax Invitational

20 teams competed in the 18 hole meet at Whitetail Golf Course resulting in Colfax placing 12th and Elk Mound 14th. Seston again had the low score for the Vikings, carding an 88 with a 41 on the back nine. Gullickson scored a 95, Prince a 97, Andrew Buckley a 109 and Richard Stehling finished with a 116.

18 holes suited Dickinsen just fine as he led the Mounders with a 93 while Rubenzer also cracked the 100 mark with a 99. Hagberg added a 102 while LaRock shot a 113 and Lambele a 115. Glenwood City won the meet and Hilltopper Garret Schemionek was the medalist with a 72.

TEAM SCORES: Glenwood City 314, Mondovi 335, Somerset 335, Amery 346, Ellsworth 354, Spring Valley 355, Durand 372, EC Regis 372, Baldwin-Woodville 374, Prescott 382, Fall Creek 388, Colfax 389, Birchwood 393, Elk
Mound 407
, St. Croix Falls 425, Cameron 430, Clear Lake 464, Turtle Lake 478, Bruce 485, Flambeau 515

Glenwood City 

The Mounders were led by Rubenzer with a round of 48 with Hagberg shooting a 50, Dickinsen a 52, Lambele a 54 and LaRock finished off with a 57.

For Colfax, Seston and Gullickson both ended the day with a round of 51, Buckley carded a 57, Tiege a 62 and Stehling a 63. Jake Hierlmeier of Glenwood City and Hayden Ford of Mondovi tied for medalist honors with a 38.

TEAM SCORES: Glenwood City 166, Mondovi 168, Spring Valley 176, St. Croix Central 191, Elk Mound 204, Colfax 221