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Colfax Health and Rehab – 4-22-2015

Extra, Extra, Read all about it. The Big Yellow House (AKA Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center) was one of the busiest places in Colfax all week long. What is going on in the house: you might ask? Well this is my story and I am sticking to it.

People came and went at all hours of the night. Many cars could be seen on Sunday. Residents said they were family but it is thought that friends were here too.

Monday morning all seemed quiet with normal activity programs like devotions, reading and exercise. At about 2 p.m. the quiet atmosphere was shattered when the front doors opened. A woman approximate age 39, entered carrying a large long black case. She went into the Square where residents had gathered. Everyone watched as she opened the case and told them to sit tight and not to move. She took control, as everyone anxiously watched, glued to their chairs. The excitement grew when residents realized it was Magic Mary Faeber and her electric keyboard. The anticipation was well founded when she began to play. Many residents accepted her challenge to join her at the mike and sing.

The following afternoon residents gathered in the Square for Bingo. After the games residents over 21 were allowed to join in Happy Hour. When I.D.s were checked Cathy served the cocktails and beer. A tranquil calm returned to the Big Yellow House.

On Wednesday morning in order to restore order Pastor Walck from Colfax Lutheran Church had a Church Service and served Communion. Delores Huber played the piano. Beauty Boutique opened at 2 p.m. Conversations, cookies and coffee dominated. The quiet was lost at 6 p.m. when many residents were seen throwing a large ball at each other in the rotunda. All their rowdy friends had come out to play.

Peace reigned supreme that evening, however come Thursday morning residents were at it again, throwing things both in the morning and afternoon. When it was further investigated they said it was just volleyball in the morning and bean bag toss in the afternoon. No warnings were issued by the DON. Peace returned.

The mood was relaxed Friday morning when Gospel Sing in the Square began. 11:30 was the planned Volunteer Luncheon. Tables had beautiful plants as centerpieces. Lunch was served and wouldn’t you just know it; volunteers walked off with the centerpieces when they left. Upon further investigation no charges were made. The volunteers pleaded guilty since these centerpieces were meant for them as a small thank you for all the time and energy they give to help staff and residents every week. Friday afternoon was dime bingo and another happy hour.

No further incidences were reported until Saturday afternoon when the Square used to celebrate Marvel Entzminger’s 100th birthday. That’s all to report for this week here in the Land of Colfax where it is Spring and like calves in Spring everyone in town likes to kick up their heels and OUR residents are no exception!