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Colfax woman sentenced to one year in jail, 42 months probation on drug charges

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — A 36-year-old Colfax woman whose house was the target of an arson last May has been sentenced to one year in jail and 42 months of probation on drug charges.

Judge Rod Smeltzer sentenced Katie E. Bundy April 6 in Dunn County Circuit Court.

All together, Bundy has been charged with 43 drug-related or bail jumping felonies in Dunn, Chippewa and Eau Claire counties.

During a January court hearing, Judge Smeltzer accepted Bundy’s guilty pleas on felony charges of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, bail jumping and possession of methamphetamine.

Judge Smeltzer dismissed charges of one felony count of misappropriating an identification to obtain money, six felony charges of bail jumping, and one felony count of possessing narcotics.

In addition, Judge Smeltzer dismissed five misdemeanor charges: two counts of retail theft, two counts of possessing marijuana and one count of possessing drug paraphernalia.

Bundy also is charged with ten other felonies in Dunn County: possession of methamphetamine; possession of drug paraphernalia to manufacture methamphetamine; and eight felony bail jumping charges.

On the three charges to which Bundy pleaded guilty in January, Judge Smeltzer withheld sentence, placed her on 42 months of probation, and as a condition of probation, ordered her to serve one year in the county jail with three months of confinement and nine months stayed.

Judge Smeltzer also ordered Bundy to maintain sobriety and ordered that she be allowed to participate in treatment court.

Bundy was given credit for 85 days served but remained in custody and appeared in Chippewa County Circuit Court April 8 for a status hearing.

According to Chippewa County Circuit Court records, Bundy’s Chippewa County case may be consolidated with the Eau Claire County case.

A status hearing in Eau Claire County for Bundy is scheduled for April 17, and another status hearing is scheduled in Chippewa County May 20.

A motion hearing on the felony charges against Bundy that were filed in January is scheduled in Dunn County Circuit Court April 28.

In Eau Claire County, Bundy is charged with 16 felonies: delivery of methamphetamine, possession of narcotic drugs, identity theft for financial gain, and 13 felony counts of bail jumping.

Misdemeanor charges in Eau Claire County against Bundy include retail theft, obstructing an officer, possession of a controlled substance, possessing drug paraphernalia and obtaining prescription drugs with a false order.

In Chippewa County, Bundy is charged with five felonies: obtaining a controlled substance by fraud; misappropriating ID information to obtain money; forgery; cashing a forged check; and bail jumping.

Beth Mittelstadt, 44, is accused of setting fire to Bundy’s house at 511 East Third Avenue in Colfax last May.

According to Dunn County Sheriff’s Department investigators, Mittelstadt said she was at Bundy’s house on Third Avenue May 24, 2014, to buy methamphetamine from Bundy but denied having anything to do with setting the fire.

A jury trial is scheduled in Dunn County Circuit Court in June for Mittelstadt on the arson charge.