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Colfax Health and Rehab – 4-8-2015

The Big Yellow House had a flurry of activities all week long. The planning for Holy Week and all the prearrangements were well under way as the week began.

On Monday morning the devotions, current events and exercise helped build the anticipation for the week. In the afternoon we had our monthly Resident Council Meeting in the Square. Violet Jarvise had a special surprise after the meeting. She brought supplies for everyone to make Easter baskets with handmade chicks and enough candy to fill each of the baskets.

On Tuesday morning Cathy and Veda opened Beauty Boutique at 9:30. By the time Dinner rolled around, everyone who wanted to have their paws pampered were pretty as a picture. The gentlemen were more handsome than pretty. Bingo was the afternoon activity. Beanie Bunnies and chicks were the first to go off the prize cart. These are usually gifts for visiting grandchildren when they come to see Grandma and Grandpa. Happy Hour followed Bingo and although we don’t have too many residents who stay for a cocktail the ones who do seem to enjoy this social time together.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Hal Schroetter from Barum and Big Elk Creek Church in Elk Mound led the Church service. Delores Huber was our Pianist. Pastor Hall always gives us something to think about when he speaks. The afternoon was egg-citing. We had dozens of hardboiled eggs to be colored. After all the eggs were colored and dry, residents double dipped the eggs. The process made the trays of eggs brilliant and brightly colored eggs. They were served Easter Morning.

On Thursday morning residents once again gathered in the Square. This time the task was frosting cookies. Trays of cut out sugar cookies in chick, egg and bunny shapes and bowls of color covered the tables when the residents arrived. When all the cookies were finally frosted the trays covered two long tables. These cookies were served to residents and guest alike on Easter Sunday. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So in the afternoon we were treated to a Sing-a-long led by Kathy Irwin. Kathy sings and plays the piano with great ease and style. (She will like that I wrote that). It was another busy day but everyone still had plenty of energy to play bounce ball in the Rotunda like they do every night after supper.

Good Friday was started with Loretta Logslet leading the Rosary for the Catholic residents. Glen, Delores and Julie led the Gospel Sing in the Square. After dinner and a REX Class residents returned to the Square for Dime Bingo and another Happy Hour.

The sun was shining brightly Saturday morning when the 22ers 4H club and their parents carried in boxes, baskets, and cages into the Square and Court Yard. They were on an Easter Egg Hunt Mission. By 10 a.m. the families were pouring into the courtyard following the bunny tracts in search of Easter Eggs and candy. They were not disappointed. 150 Easter egg bags filled with treats donated by the businessmen of Colfax were given to the small kids. Around 350 plus people enjoyed the festivities. After the Hunt they were off to Kyle’s Market for more fun.

Yes, it was a great week here in the land of Colfax where this special Easter time of year is a community affair and that gives everyone a reason to celebrate!