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GC Top 10 – 4-8-2015

Glenwood City MS/HS Academic Achievement Top 10 List
March 23-April 2, 2015

1. Allen Croes for his commitment to our strength program in Physical Education. He also coaches younger kids to improve their technique.

2. Ellen Lindquist for her confident leadership displayed in band.

3. Leslie Ludtke, Hannah Ludtke, Natasha Rassbach, Mikayla Voeltz and Kayla Hanson for their awesome effort in 1st hour PE.  Way to go girls!

4. To Jacinta Pagnotta for diligence in her TSC classwork and improved attendance!

5. Ethan Hanson- Impromptu  writing prompt.  He created one and a half pages for a picture writing prompt where the majority create only 1 paragraph.  His writing was very creative and ended up being historical fiction because he included real facts about WWII.

6. Tucker Lagerstrom – he was such a positive leader on the 7th grade field trip and helped his classmate enjoy the trip.

7. The following 7th graders who went well above and beyond their writing assignment for our Historical Fiction writing:  1. Ally Motz, Adam Melstrom, Nyah Anderson and Isabelle Arbuchle- well written plus multiple pages beyond required – 2. Ethan Berends- very well written – 3. Mae Buttles- Very Well written – 7. Kaitlyn Lee- still in progress with 6 chapters (15 pages written and more to come).  Great job students!

8. Dan Loring for 100% on the test in Math 7.

9. Zach Klinger for 100% on the test in Math 8.

10. Denisa DeSmith for her hard work, effort, and kind attitude toward her classmates in Crafts class.