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Colfax Health and Rehab News – 4-1-2015

All is well in the Big Yellow House. We cooked up a good amount of activities this week.

The recipe we used was from our Spring Cook Book. Here is our recipe: First on Monday morning we added devotions, reading group and a pinch of exercise. In the afternoon we stirred in many residents in the Square. We added Sue Hill and her huge collections of Easter eggs, we let them be seen until done, adding coffee and cookies and conversations. In the evening we added a large ball, which was tossed back and forth in the Rotunda liberally seasoned with laughter.

On Tuesday morning once again we added residents, devotions, current events and a lot of healthy fresh exercise. On Tuesday afternoon we took out the ingredients for Bingo. Prizes and people marinated until Happy Hour. Coffee and cookies were added. We stirred in a reasonable amount of Spirts at Happy Hour, which made resident Spirits rise as well. At 6 p.m. gather residents and ball in the Rotunda and toss until done. Let rest overnight.

In the morning on Wednesday candles were lit and we added a Church Service, complete with Pastor Conklin from Colfax Tainter United Methodist Church. The recipe called for a pianist. We were out of that ingredient so we substituted music on a DVD. We watched voices rise and then Blessings were generously added. In the afternoon we folded in Steve Szydell and his guitar. We mixed him with many residents in the Square and listened carefully until done. We applauded immediately. Coffee and lots more cookies enhanced the flavor. We once again let everything rest overnight.

In the morning we filled the Square with fresh residents and incorporated a volley ball to help mix it up. Later in the day we lobbed in a bowling ball and residents. Ethel Grambo rose to the top of the mix and took the traveling trophy home. We let residents cool overnight.

Friday morning when all the residents rose they were poured into the Square. We added one Glen Edberg with a rich voice and one Delores Huber on the piano with sweet crisp reverberations. One Julie McNaughton and her flute were added last. As before we watched as many voices rose until the timer told us the Gospel Sing was completely done. While this was cooking we mixed one Loretta with the Catholic residents for Rosary. In the afternoon we placed Bingo Cards on tables, added players and generously integrated dimes with players. This recipe also calls for platters of cookies and hot coffee. Milk can be substituted.

On Saturday afternoon all these ingredients are almost cooked except for carefully stirring in a Game of Hollywood and lots of chocolate prizes.

That is just one of our family recipes here in the land of Colfax where these recipes are made possible with the love and help of many volunteers and performers.