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Town of Howard candidate: Dennis Dvoracek

COLFAX  —  All together, six candidates for three positions were nominated at the caucus for the Town of Howard on January 24 to appear on the ballot in the April 7 election.

Vernon J. Schindler, incumbent, was nominated for chair of the town board, and Jeff Bennesch also was nominated for chair.

Incumbent supervisors Tom Zweifelhofer and Dennis Dvorcek were nominated, along with Christian Rushmann and Todd Wanish.

Dvoracek, 70, is a resident of county Highway T, Chippewa Falls.

He is married to his spouse of 49 years, Janis. They have three children and four grandchildren. Dvoracek is semi-retired from a business that he owned for 27 years, Area Financial Services, Inc. where he is a financial advisor specializing in life insurance, health insurance and a host of other financial products.

The Colfax Messenger sent out questionnaires to the candidates.

Here are Dvoracek’s answers to the questions.

• Where have you lived other than the Town of Howard (if anywhere else)?

I have lived in the Town of Howard for 19 years, and prior to that in Eau Claire.

• What is your educational background?

I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, where I also played basketball.

• Why did you decide to run for the Howard Town Board?

I was first elected to the Town board in 2003, and I accepted the nomination to run for another term as I believe my experience in dealing with sand mine issues is especially critical now that the Town will be soon receiving an application to license another mine.

• What about your background makes you particularly suited to serve on the town board? 

I was at the forefront in dealing with the first mine in 2008, negotiating with them to be “good neighbors”, and have learned a lot since then being on the forefront of updating our ordinance in several key areas.

• What do you believe to be the biggest challenges or issues for the Town of Howard?

Again, at this point, the biggest issue and challenge is the non-metallic mining in the town, which of course relates to water quality and quantity because of the probable high-capacity wells that the new mine would have.

• What ideas do you have for increasing revenue or decreasing spending? 

My business experience has been an asset is dealing with revenue and spending issues.

• Why are you the best candidate for the Howard Town Board?

And to finally reiterate, I believe my experience both in business and as a Supervisor makes me the best candidate.