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Colfax Village Board candidate: David Wolff

COLFAX  —  The April 7 ballot for the Colfax Village Board will include four candidates for village trustee for three open positions.

Colfax Village President Scott Gunnufson is running un-opposed in the April election.

The candidates for the village board trustee positions are Susan Olson (incumbent); Beverly Schauer (incumbent); Annie Schieber (incumbent); and David Wolff.

The Colfax Messenger sent out questionnaires to the candidates.

Schieber had not yet returned her questionnaire by press time.

Wolff, 60, is a resident of Viking Drive in Colfax and is a retired teacher. He and his wife, Mary, who has passed away, have a daughter, Erin (sons Reese and Austin); and sons Josh, Tristan and Jon (and his wife Samantha).

Wolff earned a Bachelor of Science degree from UW-Oshkosh in elementary education and a masters degree from UW-Eau Claire in educational professional development.

Here are the responses to the questionnaire from David Wolff:

• Why did you decide to run for election?

I was asked to run, because some people felt I could bring an added perspective and with my background, I would base decisions on common sense and in the best interest of Colfax.

• What aspects of your background make you particularly suited for serving on the village board?

I taught in the Colfax Middle School for 36 years, where you’re constantly adjusting to different learning styles. So adaptation is not a problem. I also served as union president, on the negotiations committee and on the legislative committee.

• What issues do you see as being the most important for Colfax?

I’m concerned about the number of “for sale” signs around the village. We need to be attracting people to the community. To do that we need to have a positive economic development and adequate housing to attract newcomers to Colfax. Business development, streets, utilities, water quality, parks, etc., are all important stepping stones that lead to making Colfax appealing to others.

• What issues would you hope to bring to the Colfax Village Board?

Currently, I feel the board is working toward some of these goals, and we should continue with these projects. To do things right and properly, you cannot get overwhelmed with too many projects. Many times a “mass production” mentality hurts the quality. To be more specific, I would need to know which committees I would be serving on.

• What ideas do you have for increasing revenue or decreasing spending?

We need to be looking into the wide variety of grants and try to take advantage of these sources.