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Colfax Health and Rehab – 3-4-2015

We have some very good news for you. The vernal equinox (which is also called the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere) falls on March 20 at 6:45 P.M. That is only 16 days from today. Spring is on it’s way, Hurray!

We are going to start a new springtime ritual called “Balancing Easter Eggs”. First we will dye raw eggs with Easter egg dye. After that, we will draw a symbol on each egg, to symbolize each resident’s spring time objective. About 30 minutes before the equinox on March 20th, we will start balancing each egg. We will put them on a flat surface pointy end down. Some people say they will keep their balance for days. We will see.

Meanwhile back at the big yellow house we were busy all week with activities.

On Monday we had our frog toss tournament in the afternoon. It was good exercise and lots of fun.

On Tuesday afternoon the Square featured Bingo and Happy Hour.

Wednesday morning’s church service was led by Jason Taylor who is from Otter Creek Christian Fellowship Church. Our regular pianist was unfortunately under the weather, so Pastor Taylor played his guitar while we sang the hymns. Wednesday afternoon we had our Monthly Bowling tournament. Ethel Grambo took home the trophy even though she said she had never bowled in her life. Ethel proved we are never too old to try new things.

On Thursday afternoon we gathered in the Square for another Ed Sullivan show. This time it was the 1956 show that featured Elvis Presley. We swooned as we did back in the day. Popcorn and root beer made the show complete. River Boat Randy was here in the evening to entertain. He is a Music Therapist and has an interactive performance.

On Friday morning Glen Edberg and Julie McNaughton were here for our Gospel sing. Loretta Logslett led the rosary for the Catholic residents. In the afternoon we played dime bingo.

On Saturday the residents play Hollywood in the afternoon with Sue Hill. None of these activity programs would be as much fun for the residents if it were not for the wonderful volunteers that come faithfully to help. Linnea Thompson, Violet Larson, Mary Biesterveld, Eileen Stokke, Vonnie Flasberg, Leona Ubbelohde, Merle Roth and Veda Kiekhoefer are very special members of our family.

That is some of what went on at the Big Yellow House here in beautiful downtown Colfax where every day is a good day when you are with family and friends!