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Colfax Health and Rehab – 2-11-2015

February is a favorite month for many of us. Our residents have special interests in February. It is a short month, which brings us closer to March, and everybody knows March ushers in April. April in turn greets May with showers so the flowers can grow. That is when our residents can linger in the court yards, enjoying the sunshine and warm breezes.

In the meantime while we wait residents enjoy gastronomical delights. The Exclusive Meal featured this month is a Valentine’s Day meal. The first course will be a spinach and strawberry salad sprinkled with slivered almonds and dressed with a chocolate vinaigrette sauce. The main entrée consists of skillfully prepared chicken breast wrapped in bacon. The desert that will be served is a devilish rich dark chocolate brownie, with sherbet and finally topped off with a lovely warm chocolate drizzled over this desert. This will be served with our house wine or our cranberry lemon punch. These special meals are by reservation only. February’s meal will be a far cry from January’s Lutefisk Delight. Residents have many activity programs to choose from.

On Monday afternoon we made valentines. Sue Hill displayed her large collection of very old delicate Valentines. There are 16 exercise opportunities that are scheduled each week to keep everyone as active as possible. In addition to that RNAs and CNAs have individual programs for those that need assistance to stay active.

Tuesdays and Fridays are our bingo and happy hour days; the Square is usually filled with residents, family and friends ready to enjoy the afternoon.

On Wednesday morning we have church services. Delores Huber is our pianist and this week Pastor Walck from Colfax Lutheran Church led the service.

Glen Ekberg and Julie McNaughton and Deloris led the Gospel sing on Friday morning. Loretta Logslett led the rosary on Friday morning and Father Nakwah from St. Joseph Parishes Elk Mound and Rock Falls had Mass on Thursday morning.

The entertainment this week was a combination of Mary Faeber on the key board and her ability to get everyone engaged in her music. We sang songs together and many residents sang solos. It was amazing to be part of festivities.

Yes, this week the Big Yellow House was once again filled with fine food, fun and faithful friends and family.