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Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list – 2-4-2015

Glenwood City MS/HS Academic Achievement Top 10 List
January 19-30, 2015
(11 total for the two weeks!)

1. Nick Schone scored the highest on the Human Anatomy final.

2. Natalie Gabbert for doing a great job on her independent reading project.

3. Nyah Anderson and Tom Rosenow for getting perfect scores on their Science 7 semester exam.

4. Jeong Seo and Taylor Drinkman for creating a cinematic masterpiece in fusing together their Civics and World Studies projects into one compelling short film.

5. Zack Abt and Tony Melstrom for their unique and ambitious approach to the World Studies semester project, “The Italian Stallion Board Game.”

6. Becca Peterson for an excellent grade on the final in Math 8 and for great study skills.

7. Yasmin Leando-Mendez for great participation and awesome grades in Math 6 and for always being helpful.

8. Isabel Draxler for writing an incredible essay during middle school Writing Lab.

9. Jordana Shervington for considerably raising her math grade from 1st to 2nd quarter.

10. Allen Croes for the highest score on the General Biology final.

11. Jordan Frederick for having his his Linocut print titled “Dairy Cow” entered in the Regional Youth Art Month art exhibit in New Richmond. Congratulations!