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Colfax Health and Rehab News – 1-28-2015

The third week in January started out with the exciting anticipation of THE GAME. Even though the final score was disappointing Packer fans are very lucky because now they don’t have to spend hard earned money on Super Bowl This and That!

Undaunted and resilient the fans know there is always next year. Residents did have fun watching the game at one of the many Packer Parties.

Monday morning rolled around as it always does and the Square had many residents enjoying exercise, current events and devotions. We had a multitude of things to be thankful for, the least of which was the January thaw. The residents are a little like mailmen — neither rain or snow keeps them from getting through the day. It does help that it is warm and cozy inside. Matt and Matt (both maintenance personnel are named Matt) keep the campus climate controlled and walks and drive clean. Tina and her housekeeping crew swoop through halls and rooms keeping everything clean and neat. Alli and her chefs always have some warm and cozy cuisine. They have five kitchens to keep everyone content. On Monday afternoon residents gathered in the Square and celebrated Winter by making snowflakes. They figured “If you can’t beat them join them”.

On Tuesday morning residents went to the Beauty Boutique for touch up and complete manicures and hand massages. In the afternoon the Square once again became the Bingo Hall. Happy Hour happily followed bingo.

On Wednesday morning Delores Huber on the piano and Pastor Taylor from Otter Creek Christian Fellowship led a worship service. The afternoon music by Rudy Rudesill and his sweet guitar filled the Square. He writes and performs much of his music.

On Thursday morning the Square became a volleyball court. Residents lined up and it was game on! We are so politically correct-everyone wins! The afternoon was a delight for all. The Ed Sullivan Show (on DVDs) kept everyone laughing with the antics of Red Skelton, Phyllis Diller and many more highlights from his show. The sweet smell of fresh buttered popcorn helped make the afternoon memorable.

On Friday morning Loretta Logslett led the Rosary for our Catholic residents. Glen, Julie and Delores led the Gospel sing. The afternoon Dime Bingo was another must go to program and many left with a jingle in their pockets! Every evening residents gather in the Rotunda at 6 p.m. and play kick ball. Many residents attend one of the many REX Classes scheduled during the day. The local Library donated many large print books, which pleased our avid readers. Cozying up with a good book during these winter months is a must. Another must is a shout out to the volunteers that come every week. They are priceless!

Thank you for reading this article about news from beautiful downtown Colfax where the Packer Fans are rated #1 even if they aren’t in the Super Bowl.