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Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list – 1-21-2015

Glenwood City MS/HS Academic Achievement Top 10 List
January 5-16, 2015

1. David Hoffman for getting an A on his Huck Finn test!

2. Jared Kupper, Mikaela Voeltz, Hannah Ludtke and Kip Wallace for getting 100% on their Painting and Graphics test

3. Denisa DeSmith for reading the longest parts in Caesar every day!

4. Kenzie Kuehl for reading a big part in Caesar, even with a cold.

5. Billy Peabody for doing an outstanding job on his math test and earning a near perfect score!

6. EuiJeong Seo, Kristine Sina, and Emma Scholler for the creation of amazing sewing projects.

7. Jessica Conner for going out of her way to come into Focus and help students who are in other math classes.

8. Congratulations to the following DECA students who received first and second place in their categories and will advance on to the State level competition this March in Lake Geneva:

• Nick Schone: 1st place Accounting Applications

• Team Tia Carlson and Andrew Bauman: 1st place Financial Services

• Jacob Hennessy: 2nd place Automotive Services

• Kaylie Scalze: 3rd place Principles of Business Administration

• Taylor Drinkman: Top Finisher (top 20%)

9. Euijong Sao and Leslie Vang for earning 97% and 96% on their Alg 2 test, and MaKayla O’Brien for earning a 98% on her Geometry Quiz.

10. Stephan Mabry for buckling down and working hard in the transportation shop!