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Colfax approves Anytime Fitness for village employees

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — The Colfax Village Board has approved paying for memberships at Anytime Fitness in Colfax for village employees who work 30 hours per week or more.

The village board approved the Anytime Fitness agreement at the January 12 meeting.

Under the agreement, the village will pay for enrollment and security fees as well as the monthly membership fee.

The fees offered to the village include a 15 percent discount off monthly membership dues; 50 percent off the enrollment fee; and $10 off the security fee, said Jenny Logslett of Anytime Fitness.

Because the village has medical insurance through Medica, village employees who are signed up for health insurance who make 12 trips per month to Anytime Fitness will receive $20 for that month from the insurance company, Logslett said.

Wellness programs are intended to benefit both the employee and the employer. The programs cut down on workplace injuries, and employees miss fewer days of work, she noted.

If the employees who sign up do not get to Anytime Fitness 12 times in any given month, the monthly fee of $32 will be billed to the employee instead of the village, Logslett said.

The $32 monthly fee is still a discount, she noted.

Paying for the Anytime Fitness membership would be a benefit worth more than $700 per year per  employee, said Annie Schieber, village trustee.

The total number of employees who would be eligible for the program would be fewer than ten people, said Lynn Niggemann, village administrator-clerk-treasurer.

The contract would be for 12 months or 18 months, and if the employee stops going to Anytime Fitness, the employee would be responsible for paying for the membership, Logslett said.

A ten-day free trial also goes along with the agreement, so employees who are interested could go for ten days in January and then start the membership in February, Niggemann said.

Employees could try the ten-day free trial to see if they like going to Anytime Fitness, and then they could sign up for the program after that, said Mark Halpin, village trustee.

Several village trustees wondered how employees would find out about the program, and it was suggested that a staff meeting could be held at Anytime Fitness so village employees could see what is available for their use.

Logslett said Anytime Fitness would provide an attendance report to the village.

The motion to approve the agreement with Anytime Fitness passed on a vote of five “yes” to one “no.”

Village Trustees Jeremy Klukas, Beverly Schauer, Annie Schieber, Mark Halpin and Village President Scott Gunnufson voted in favor of the motion.

Village Trustee Carey Davis voted against the motion.

Village Trustee Susan Olson was absent from the meeting.

Even though she voted for the motion, Schieber said she was not sure that the village should be paying for an Anytime Fitness membership for employees.

“After the whole union debacle, some village employees gave up a substantial insurance benefit and this is one way to give it back to them,” Gunnufson said, adding that if employees do not sign up for the membership, the village is not “out” anything.

Other business

In other business, the Colfax Village Board

• Approved a facility rental at the Colfax Fairgrounds for June 3 through June 5, 2016, for the Logslett-Buchholz wedding.

• Approved a temporary “Class B” retailer’s license for the Colfax Woman’s Club for the wine tasting event at Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center on January 24.

• Approved bartender operator’s licenses for Tyson Hellman (Cedar Country Cooperative); Noelle Olson (Kyle’s Market); Renee Goodell (Kyle’s Market); Mikki McMutcheon (Kyle’s Market).

• Approved a motion to continue with the Third Avenue Street design with Ayres Associates. Lisa Fleming, a civil engineer with Ayres, noted that if the village decides not to go ahead with the Third Avenue street project at any point, the design can be “put on the shelf” and used in a year or two when the village is ready to do another project.

• Adopted the amended Village of Colfax 2014-2034 Comprehensive Plan upon the recommendation of the Colfax Plan Commission. Approval was contingent upon changes being made that were suggested by Patrick Beilfuss of Cedar Corporation regarding revised numbers and tables that would reflect the most recent numbers available for population projections. Projections from the American Community Survey show the the population in Colfax will be decreasing over the next 20 years, he said.