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Colfax Health and Rehab – 1-7-2015

We danced our way into 2015. The last week of 2014 was not just another week in paradise. We had activities scheduled every day.

On Sunday Grace Lutheran church was broadcast on both radio and television. Mass was broadcast on television for our Catholic residents. The REX Classes took place two times a day. At 1 o’clock the RNA and residents gather in the Birch Hall and do exercises for both upper and lower extremities. The 6pm class is also known as bounce ball! Residents line up around the perimeter of the Rotunda and do exactly that. They bounce a big ball at each other. It is a good exercise but more important than that it helps relieve stress (not by bouncing the ball but by enjoying each other’s laughter).

On Monday and Tuesday morning we have Devotions, go over current events and exercise to music, sometimes we use scarfs. This week the Tuesday was also Beauty Boutique in the morning. The Salon was very busy both Monday and Tuesday with residents getting dolled up for the New Year’s Dance on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Walck led the Church service. Delores Huber was our pianist. Leona Ubbelhode brought two charming young ladies to read. Josilyn and Shyann Rundle read the 12 days of Christmas and letters to Santa on Tuesday and Legend of the Candy cane on Wednesday.

Thursday morning was a day of rest for most everyone. We still had REX Class but most residents took advantage of the peace and quiet.

On Friday morning we had Gospel Sing with Glen Edberg and Delores Huber on the piano. The afternoons were another story.

The Packers kept residents busy on Sunday. We played Bean Bag Toss Monday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon was Bingo followed by Happy Hour. No one goes home without a stash of goodies to munch and crunch! There are always cookies and bars available in one of the five kitchens, but Bingo prizes are fun to eat and share when company visits.

On Wednesday afternoon the Square was transformed with New Year’s Banners, Streamers, Hats, and Lays. Honey and Me was the entertainment. “Me” wasn’t present due to health issues. “Honey” completely entertained the party goers. Many residents and staff danced while the bubbly beverages in champagne glasses flowed freely. The cheese and crackers were complimented by the pickled herring. On a scale from 1 to 10 it was an 11!

On Friday afternoon the Square was once again a bingo hall. The week was made possible by volunteers like Linnea, Veda, Mary, Eileen, Vonnie, Violet, Merle and Leona and the girls. Volunteers are unpaid not because they are worthless but because they are PRICELESS!

That is some of the news from beautiful down town Colfax where the average person in this community lives far longer than those living in most other states. I think it’s because we are just about frozen for half the year!