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Glenwood City MS/HS Top 10 list – 12-17-2014

Glenwood City MS/HS Academic Achievement Top 10 List
December 8-12, 2014

1. Todd Petersen for a perfect score on his Spanish 4 Test as well as using the language with such precision!!!  Excellent!!

2. Troy Hall for being very dedicated and focused; he has demonstrated mastery of concepts of personal finance.

3. Hannah Ludtke for great effort, creativity and attitude in Painting and Graphics.

4. Brandon Barstad for his excellent repair skills used in high school band.

5. Tucker Lagerstrom for being a reliable and helpful student in art rotation.

6. The following students for doing well on their poetry: Stevie Olson, Jacob Schurtz, Bella Gaustad, Gabbi Gluge, Gavin Samp, Olivia Janson, Abby Kremer, Jatelyn Johnson, Tressa Peskar, Morgan Lee, Erin Davis.

7. Katrina Flettre created a very awesome business concept with Connor Cook which they plan to put into action!

8. Derick Hogan for a great job on his Health Presentation.

9. Joe Obermeuller is refinishing a John Deere tractor.  It was a full sand down and he repainted it beautiful John Deere Green!

10. Macie Rasmussen for diligent work and creativity in Commercial Art class.