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Colfax Health and Rehab News – 12-10-2014

Our week started off just dandy! The Packers defeated the Patriots which made most of the residents very happy. The Vikings fans will have their day but not this week.

The Women’s Club swooped in Sunday afternoon and just like little Christmas Elves they decorated the Christmas tree in the front entry way with adorable almost edible sugar plum ornaments. Great Job!

On Monday morning after devotions, current events and exercise the annual “Deck the Halls” began. Boxes and tubs filled with bobbles and bangles and all sorts of tangles were stacked in the Square. Then the Christmas trees, the big and the small were carefully carried into the hall. Down Cedar to Maple to Birch they all flew. The Sandy Ridge Tree with ornaments of Blue. The afternoon residents came to the Square for a Resident Council Meeting. Cookies and beverages were served to them all as we went over all the events planned for this Holiday Season. Matt was busy setting up the NEW BIG Christmas tree in the Square. This beautiful big tree was purchased with Love Light Monies. We did get a very good deal thanks to Andrea Menard (who is one of Santa’s Elves). The decorations are the old and new family ornaments. Each ornament has the name of residents who has lived with us over the years. The Future Business Leaders of American (AKA FBLA Elves) appeared and quick as a wink had the tree looking dazzling, at least that’s what we think! More Elves soon arrived to decorate the tree in the East Dining Hall. These were Cheerleader Elves, Haley Flug, Kassie Jackson, and Noelle Jackson. Red and Green balls, some big and some small could be seen by all. A Santa Hat on top to the residents delight made their work complete when they all said ‘Good Night!’

Our Tuesday was full with activity galore. The Bloomer Senior High Fitness instructor Julie Koehler brought her Elves who are excellent at Juggling. The residents love when they come to perform every Holiday Season. When the Elves all left the residents settled down for a long winters…Bingo Game! More FBLA Elves came in the late afternoon and decorated the 3 trees in the hall ways.

Wednesday morning Deloris Huber led the morning worship service. Pastor DeMaris was under the weather, but better now! In the afternoon garland and ribbon, snowflakes and bows festooned the windows in neat little rows. Then Leslie, RyAnna, Trevor, Allison, Grady and Zach popped thru the front door, the FBLA Elves were back. They put up a big tree; they strung all the lights on mantle and tree. We love when they come here, they do it for Free!

On Thursday morning Father Nakwa from St Joseph’s Parishes led Mass. Many residents were playing volley ball while the Square was made ready for our Love Star Program. Rich Schroeder arrives, with guitar in his hand and played Christmas music that was simply grand. After the program there were cookies galore and many a guest said “just one more”.

On Friday morning Glen, Julie and Delores led Gospel Sing in the Square and Loretta led Mass in the East Family Dining room. Before the afternoon Bingo game even started an Elf named Maureen Scott from the Popple Creek Homemakers of Dunn County bounced thru the door with Gifts for Christmas. There were ponchos, and socks, candy and body crème potions. Our residents are certainly not on Santa’s naughty list! We will have more to share with you next week but for now enjoy the warm weekend weather and don’t worry be happy!