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Colfax Health and Rehab – 12-3-2014

It’s December at last and it’s wonderful time of the year. We will need January just to rest up after the hustle and bustle of the month ahead.

We at Colfax Health and Rehabilitation are so thankful for so many things. Staff and residents were asked what they were particularly thankful for this Thanksgiving. Some of their answers were “My family and Friends”, “My babies”, “Both my parents are alive and well”, “A surprise unexpected visit from my daughter on Thanksgiving”, ”My Job”, “My family and my up and coming Wedding”, “Good roads so I can get to work”, “My Mom”, “Being healthy enough to do the things for others”, “My family and Health”, “My family and our Military”, “I’m thankful I am almost retired-again”, “To work with great people”,  “I am thankful for Nature and Beauty”,  “I’m thankful for my new little grandson and daughter both of whom are doing so well” and “A nice place to live”. The list goes on but most people stopped and paused while they reflected on how they felt.

On Wednesday at noon we served our Annual Native American Meal Celebrating the Native American peoples. The Square was decked out for the occasion. Mary Biesterveld back from her whirlwind week in the Big Apple played the piano for the proper ambience and enjoyment of everyone present. Sue Hill said Grace before the meal by reading a Chippewa Indians prayer. Laurie Craft a direct ancestor of the Indians at the 1st Thanksgiving talked about some of the things that took place at that 1st meeting.  Veda Kiekhofer, who is a descended of John Alden, one of the Pilgrims at that first Thanksgiving, also spoke of her family stories. Everyone seemed to enjoy this time together.

Thanksgiving was the following day. Many families had reserved different dining area for their family feast.

It was a busy week but not as eventful as the month of December! Keep warm and enjoy the early winter weather by coming by and visiting your friends and family here at Colfax Health and Rehab where the coffee is always hot and the cookies always fresh!